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Established in 2013, Grassroot Diplomat is the first and only diplomatic consultancy that ensures practitioners within international relations are effective and efficient leaders within a fast-changing, modern world. We break the traditional mould of diplomacy by looking at missions through the lens of civil society, meeting the people's interests at national and international level with practical solutions. We do this by getting foreign governments to be visibly online, intentionally active, positively engaged and purposefully informative.

Our methods are progressive, dynamic and productive to help diplomats and embassies move their mission to the next level that enhances their work in the field of public diplomacy using soft power initiatives. We are the only social enterprise that serves the global diplomatic community and all profits will be reinvested in promoting our aims and vision to help us expand our reach to diplomatic missions around the world.


Our mission is to build trust and strengthen relationships between governments and civil society. This means working with a wide range of stakeholders who may not necessarily be involved in traditional diplomacy but are just as effective in representating the nation or groups of people at local and international level. Our unique selection of services focuses on improving public diplomacy activities and strengthening community relations so that diplomatic missions positively and effectively represent their country and people.


Our vision is to ensure that diplomats remain effective within a fast-changing environment. This means practicing diplomacy from less traditional methods to keep up with the pace and changing habits as a means for innovation.


Our leading values act as the inspiration and guidance for our organisation’s actions.



To remain independent, Grassroot Diplomat does not accept public funding for its operation so you can be sure that our work is never compromised by national, political or corporate interest. All services are chargeable to support our projects, but we rely on the generosity of private investors and corporate sponsors to help us meet our ambition. Speak to us about how your investment may be eligible for tax relief.

Grassroot Diplomat also relies on the growth of its membership to fund self-development programmes. Join our Membership Programme to help us strengthen leadership practices in your country.


Our Public Diplomacy Consultancy helps diplomats and embassies to improve the communication, organisation and management skills of their missions, so that they are able to better meet the needs of important stakeholders and keep the public and governments satisfied. Our focus is on making a difference. We work to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions, refocusing missions back to the interest of the people. We work to help diplomats and embassies and in turn promote the goals of civil society through delegation engagement management, roundtable discussions, and communication engagement services.

Our Digital Diplomacy Consultancy lends a hand in improving social media engagements, and website consulting and development for embassies struggling to maintain its digital credibility. Grassroot Diplomat offers modern solutions on country representation using engaging and effective modes of visual storytelling to break negative misconceptions and re-introduce embassies as a serious and much needed institution for the wider community.

Our Diplomatic Leadership Training Program is a series of practical workshops that teaches the strategies of diplomacy, techniques of non-verbal communications, and the art of storytelling. Our unique workshops allows current practitioners and aspiring diplomats to become more effective communicators in front of a variety of audiences with various objectives, which is one of the most unique diplomatic training course in the world.

Our Foreign Affairs Masterclass is designed for passionate and dedicated individuals to understand the modern role of diplomacy and improve their job prospects in the field of international relations. In 3 months, excellent brand training makes our clients more marketable in a highly competitive career with volunteer roles secured with Grassroot Diplomat or select embassy missions to help them understand the world of diplomacy. This is one of the most effective career coaching service for those interested in foreign affairs.

Our Grassroot Diplomat Talks Podcast offers insights into the running of the organisation, including top level interviews with executives on the practices of diplomacy in the modern world. We are also developing on a range of webinar products and self-development books which will be talked about in further detail in future podcasts. Our podcasts can be heard on iTunes, SoundCloud, Blubrry, and YouTube.


Every year, Grassroot Diplomat recognises the achievements of outstanding diplomats and politicians, who represent civilian interests at the highest level. Through our Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Awards, these high-level winners become honorary ‘grassroot diplomats’ who embody the values of the organisation and have actively demonstrated that they are working in the interest of civil society beyond political or national interest. As grassroot diplomats, our winners are recognised as role models for the international society and act as ambassadors for what we believe in. Nominations are open throughout the year.

Meet Our people

Grassroot Diplomat is made up of a network of specialists and consultants with a collective 450 years' worth of experience. We work across all continents with the flexibility to provide a highly bespoke service that meets various sensitivities and challenges of our clients. Our consultants include award-winning web strategists, business diplomacy experts, international development advisors, corporate lawyers and economic journalists to name a few.

Our relationship with our clients and networks are built on trust and confidentiality led under the leadership of the CEO, the Board of Directors, and guidance from the Advisory Council. See who they are by clicking on the biographies below.

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