What is Grassroot Diplomat?

Founded in August 2011, Grassroot Diplomat is a non-profit diplomatic consultancy that
aims to bridge the gap between civil society and political decision-makers. It is our mission to
ensure that governments and businesses re-focus their efforts back to the people’s interest.

As an independent agency, Grassroot Diplomat shows no allegiance to a solitary government
viewpoint, but will act in the interest of the people, no matter where they are or what political
state their country is in. For this reason, we do not accept government funding whatsoever.

As the only diplomatic consultancy in the world that facilitates the work of civil society,
Grassroot Diplomat develops, tweaks and moulds policy projects in a manner that will get
the attention of key decision-makers. With our extensive contacts, we connect policy projects to
individuals and influencers in business and government that can make a real difference.

In addition to our consultancy work, Grassroot Diplomat provides coaching and diplomatic
training to empower citizens to better understand the world of diplomacy and policy-making
for their own work. Grassroot Diplomat is dedicated in restoring faith between the
people and their representatives. For this reason, we host the annual Grassroot Diplomat
Initiative Awards to recognise politicians and diplomats who are truly representing the people
at the highest level. The awards are for UK-based officials only but we endeavour to expand
this initiative to other regions in the future.

Grassroot Diplomat models itself as a social enterprise, whereby any profits are re-invested
into other social projects. The organisation relies on a mixture of private funding, corporate
backing and fees from training and projects to function.

Why consider Grassroot Diplomat?

By using diplomatic strategies and connections within diplomatic circles, Grassroot Diplomat aims to connect grassroots-led projects to prominent leaders
as a means to establish a strong link to how policies affect citizens and businesses.

Whether we work with businesses, governments or local communities, it is the job of Grassroot Diplomat to put focus back into the interest of the people.
By creating and strengthening networks between governments, businesses and civil society, we ensure that governments listen and act upon its people’s
needs, facilitate stronger working relationship between governments and businesses, and create roads for social responsibility so that corporate sponsorship
have a positive impact on local communities.

By strengthening relationships between all three stakeholders, we believe that this communication cycle will create long-term solution and sustainability for all parties involved. Focusing on the people’s interests means that politicians are more likely to hold on to their seats for longer; businesses are likely to flourish
in an environment that complies with government policies and understand what the people desire; and members of civil society are less inclined to rebel against governments and big businesses who are sufficiently meeting their needs.

This is the power of true grassroot diplomacy.

Where has Grassroot Diplomat worked?

To date, Grassroot Diplomat has consulted with organisations based in Pakistan, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Ghana and the UK in planning, developing and executing humanitarian campaigns. Over the past years, Grassroot Diplomat has trained and worked with organisations in the following countries:

countries flag

The Netherlands

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