Top image: Advisory Councillor Linford Andrews with Rehman Chishti MP

Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award

The Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award is the only award of its kind that recognises the achievements of diplomats and politicians, who represent civilian interests in the areas of policy, social awareness, and business development. The award creates positive role models at government level and encourages representatives to lead effectively for their people. Every year, we receive over hundreds of nominations, out of which sixty nominees are shortlisted with just two winners per category.

Through our awards, winners become honorary ‘grassroot diplomats’ who embody the values of the organisation and have actively demonstrated that they are working in the interest of civil society beyond political or national interest. As grassroot diplomats, our winners are recognised as role models for the international society and act as ambassadors for what we believe in.




Formers winners and nominees since the inception of the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award can be viewed by downloading the latest Who's Who collection or by clicking through our online directory.

Who can enter?

The Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award is reserved for politicians and diplomats based in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, although exceptions are made for executives from Chambers of Commerce and multilateral organisations with links with diplomacy. The award categorises politicians and diplomats as follows:

  • POLITICIAN: Councillors, Members of Parliament, European Parliament, Members of the House of Lords, and elected representatives.
  • DIPLOMAT: International Chambers of Commerce, Honorary Consuls, and diplomatic representatives of various seniority.


POLICY DRIVER - Nominee must have actively championed a cause for the betterment of society. Nominee may have authored, campaigned, lobbied or publicly added their voice to a policy issue that they feel strongly about. Policy may be a local, regional, national or international initiative on any subject matter.

SOCIAL DRIVER - Nominee must have participated in social projects, led and initiated by civil society and/or non-government organisations. Nominee actively engages marginalised members of society through social programmes/ projects and participates in work led by NGOs in any field or subject matter.

BUSINESS DRIVER - Nominee has actively participated in supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and young people as one of the measures to recover from the economic downturn. Nominee may have assisted in creating new jobs or opened paths for greater trade relation that has had a positive effect on society in general.

Consider becoming a sponsor

Our sponsors gain a unique and high-level opportunity to visibly brand their company and network with an intimate audience made up of senior government officials. Sponsors act as an essential bloodline for this social enterprise and are treated as ultra VIPs amongst a crowd who are high-profile and out of reach. To find out more about our sponsorship option, please contact Sandra Francius (Managing Director) on


It is indeed a great honour for me to receive GRDA. It will further strengthen our initiatives to integrate Nepalese Gurkhas by dint of economic measures into British society...
— HE Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise, Ambassador of Nepal
The ideas enshrined in Grassroot Diplomat about listening and respecting the needs of people and taking their ideas forward effectively are to be lauded.
— Debbie Abrahams, Member of Parliament for Oldham East and Saddleworth
It really was a great experience being amongst so many different people who had a common aim to help promote a better world.
— Baroness May Blood, Member of the House of Lords
I am very surprised to win because the other nominees have done stunning work in their areas and they are very respected people, so actually, to be a winner is a great privilege and honour because of the work Grassroot Diplomat does.
— Cllr Sanchia Alasia, Barking and Dagenham
The term is to be an ambassador for politics and I see that is a very important theme running through the work of Grassroot Diplomat as well as what we do as a politician and diplomat.
— Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North
The mission of Grassroot Diplomat is exactly what I have been doing. You have to go to the people, to the grassroots level. I strongly relate to the organisation and its mission.
— HE Hamzah Thayeb, Ambassador of Indonesia