Community Engagement Management

Community engagement events will enable the embassy to build stronger relationships with diaspora and external community members. Rather than organise yet another cultural event, Grassroot Diplomat will offer family-friendly engagement activities that build a personal connection between the embassy and its community.

Base service includes:

  • Organising events for up to 30 people
  • Profile biography and due diligence of all delegates
  • Research of high quality delegates to meet purpose and aims of the mission
  • Project write-up
  • Turnaround time of 6 months

Add-ons for further flexibility on community engagement

  • Venue source and negotiation                                    
  • Catering source and negotiation                                 
  • Event for up to 50 people                                         
  • Delegation of up to 100 people                    
  • Delegation of up to 300 people                                
  • Turnaround time of 3 months                                     


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