TYPE: Voluntary

TIME COMMITMENT: 3-year term, eligible for re-appointment. Must attend 4 board meetings per year. Time commitment excludes informal meetings between members and the Executive Director
REMUNERATION: Currently not accompanied by financial remuneration

DEADLINE: Open - to start immediately



Grassroot Diplomat is the first and only diplomatic consultancy that ensures diplomats and embassies are effective and efficient leaders in serving the interest of their people, both at local and international level. It is our mission to build trust and strengthen relationships between governments and civil society. Grassroot Diplomat breaks the traditional mould of diplomacy by looking at missions through the lens of the civil society.


As part of the Board, Non-Executive Directors are responsible for ensuring that Grassroot Diplomat fulfils its mission by planning for the future, monitoring current operations, and evaluating the organisation. Board members must fulfil the fiduciary responsibilities of the board of directors, making corporate decisions that protect the company’s reputation and interest. Each member of the Board has ultimate legal responsibility for the conduct of the affairs of the organisation. 

The Board is expected to work closely with the Chairperson in ensuring that the Board functions as a unit and works closely with the Executive Director to achieve agreed objectives. Non-Executive Directors are also expected to act as ambassadors and develop good working relationship with the public and private sector to bring in funds and publicity.



The Board of Directors are responsible for maintaining the framework for the organisation.

  • Exercises all the powers of the organisation for any purpose connected with the organisation's business
  • Ensures that the organisation is managed efficiently, effectively and in line with the requirements of the law and the Rules/Articles of Association
  • Determines how organisational performance will be measured
  • Develops and implementing strategy, business planning, and general policy through strong leadership
  • Creates long-term strategies and assessing potential risks


The Board of Directors sets the direction for the organisation.

  • Builds, strengthens, and maintains relationships with local, national and international government, public bodies, sponsors and audiences
  • Raises substantial sponsorship for the day-to-day running of the organisation
  • Raises publicity for the short and long-term interest of the organisation
  • Enables Grassroot Diplomat to positively respond to external pressures, economic and social change


The Board of Directors are responsible for the behaviour and performance of board members and the executive.

  • Establishes the code of ethics for the board and the Executive Director, including policies related to conflict of interest and sets the tone for organisational behaviour
  • Hires and fires the Executive Director
  • Establishes the end results the Executive Director is assigned to achieve and defines any limitations on the means the Executive Director can use or any functions the Executive Director must perform
  • Monitors financial and operational performance. Evaluates the Executive Director based on achievement of the end results and compliance with predefined limitations or requirements
  • Ensures Grassroot Diplomat's assets are safeguarded, well managed and maintained
  • Serves as the last court of appeal within the organisation

Goodwill and Support

The Board of Directors represents the organisation to the outside world and provides support and counsel to the Executive Director.

  • Supports the organisation by making personal donations, gamering resources and advisors, and assisting with fundraising
  • Serves as the organisation's ambassador to other agencies, funders and potential funders and the general community
  • Communicates the value of the organisation to prospective donors
  • Attracts donors, supporters, favourable press and new board members
  • Supports the needs of the Board, including ongoing development needs
  • Increases visibility and reputation of the organisation and its clients to a wider audience
  • Acts in whatever way is appropriate for the needs and interests of Grassroot Diplomat (in the first instance) and not on behalf of any other interest group
  • Upholds the reputation of the Company
  • Behaves in a way which is consistent with the values of Grassroot Diplomat
  • Regularly attends board meetings (4 times a year) 


Every member of the Board must become a paid member of Grassroot Diplomat at Young Professionals Level.


  • Become a paid member of Grassroot Diplomat (Young Professionals Level or higher)
  • Must be former diplomat of at least ten years experience
  • Links and relationship with various governments
  • To advice on the needs and requirements of the diplomatic corps
  • To be an Ambassador for the organisation to the diplomatic corps
  • Be based in the UK
  • Highly passionate about the mission and objectives of the organisation
  • Ability to attend four board meetings per year in London
  • Minimum commitment of one term (3 years)

If interested, please send a letter of interest and CV to Nina Maxwell at Shortlisted candidates will be expected to participate at an interview in London. The role will remain open until we find a suitable candidate.

Please visit for details.