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The ultimate soft skills diplomatic leadership training that fully engages a global audience.

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Make an impact using story telling techniques online and offline to make you more influential, more credible, more investable.

The Diplomatic Leadership Training is a unique blend that combines diplomatic strategies, the techniques of non-verbal communication, and the art of storytelling to captivate an audience in wanting to support and work in your country. How you are seen and heard influences people’s perception. Your ability to come across as engaging, impactful or authoritative is determined by the perception of how people see you. These essential skills are rarely taught at work or education until now.

Who is the Diplomatic Leadership Training for?

The Diplomatic Leadership workshops are ideal for practitioners who are engaged with people from different cultures and nationalities, and have difficulties:

  • bringing in new prospects, investments and deals from abroad
  • working with challenging stakeholders from various nationalities
  • engaging in public speaking and have no personal brand
  • re-igniting their passion for their career and personal development
  • reaching their goals and aspirations
  • controlling feelings of being overwhelmed or unmotivated
  • applying practical tools that could improve their skills as a leader in their sector

What we offer

1. Diplomatic Leadership Seminar (3-hours)

A three-hour talk led by the Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat on any of the following topics:

  1. How to Craft a Personal Brand in International Relations and Diplomacy
  2. How to Find a Career Fit in the Field of International Relations and Diplomacy
  3. How to Influence Governments for your Job
  4. How to Break National Stereotypes and Public Misconceptions of your Country

Other topics related to practical diplomacy can be conducted upon request. Contact using the form below for more information.

2. Diplomatic Leadership Workshop (2 days)

A full 2-day workshop led by Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, where participants will learn practical tools, techniques and skills to help them enhance their unique selling point and credibility within the international marketplace. This interactive workshop blends the tools of business diplomacy, non-verbal and digital communications strategies, and stakeholder management at a personal level. You will learn to how to:

  • Appreciate various stakeholder interests
  • Communicate through storytelling
  • Connect to your audience 
  • Brand yourself effectively
  • Be the best version of yourself
  • Influence government stakeholders
  • Harnesse public diplomacy activities for yourself
  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses
  • Answer difficult questions
  • Maintain rapport
  • Increase the quality of your message
  • Project your personality
  • Craft digital messaging and influence
  • Learn effective forms of trade and investment

Contact using the form below for more information.

3. Diplomatic Leadership Intensive Training (5 days)

An intensive one-week workshop led by three trainers including the CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, expert storyteller actor, and world-renowned NLP trainer. The workshop brings together a highly practical and engaging sessions that teach you how to convey your message in a foreign language to a mixed audience of various agendas. If you want to get investment, build effective stakeholder relations and interact with a wider international audience, you must be seen and heard, and we will teach you how.

Over the course of 5-days, you will learn how to:

  • communicate through storytelling
  • connect to your audience
  • brand yourself
  • be the best version of yourself
  • understand psychology behind loyalty
  • be an empathetic leader
  • further your interest with sincerity
  • read body language
  • answer difficult questions
  • maintain rapport
  • increase quality of your message
  • project your personality
  • build different states in the audience
  • digital diplomacy influence and strategy
  • effective forms of trade and investment
  • differentiate diplomats and politicians
  • appreciate various stakeholder interests
  • safeguard integrity
  • harness public diplomacy activities
  • utilise soft power advantages

Contact using the form below for more information.

Request to book

If you are interested in speaking further about the Diplomatic Leadership Training and interested in hosting a particular workshop, please complete the form below. Alternatively, you may wish to email Nina Maxwell at nina@grassrootdiplomat.org for a full training brochure.

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