Grassroot Diplomat Talks Podcast: Diplomacy in the Private Sector



An interview with Sandra Francius, Managing Director of Grassroot Diplomat, discussing the freedom to innovate more fluidly as a diplomat working outside of the government in the private sector.

Grassroot Diplomat Talks is the monthly podcast produced by Grassroot Diplomat, discussing the practices of diplomacy and international relations in today's modern world. Further information can be found on:

Main Takeaway

  • Diplomacy is open to everyone and not just reserved for the elite dealing with just state-to-state matters
  • A private diplomat is able to focus their attention to the grassroots and social impact to and alongside the government
  • The private sector offers so many opportunities for someone interested in becoming a diplomat for an alternate mission
  • Private sector uses out-of-the-box technologies to change how diplomacy operates

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