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Published four times a year, Grassroot Diplomat Quarterly is a diplomatic magazine focused on the communications and practices of diplomacy in the modern world. With interviews from senior politicians and diplomats,
Grassroot Diplomat Quarterly only publishes work of those who are closely
associated to diplomatic consultancy, Grassroot Diplomat.

Circulated to all embassies and select political offices across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the magazine is read in over three continents with an international readership of 10,000. 68% of our readers live in Europe, 23% in the US, 7% in Africa, and 2% elsewhere in the world. The magazine is accessible on mobiles, tablets, and print view with facilities to subscribe on all platforms.

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Grassroot Diplomat Quarterly

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Third Friday of the month to For further details contact Sandra Francius on +44 (0) 7511 816689
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WINTER 2016 Issue #8

2017 seems uncertain with democratic processes creating an unsettling trend of alternative-right sentiments. Civil liberties are at risk, diplomats fear for safety, blood is unforgivingly shed in the name of national security. With terror comes terror, but with light comes renewal and hope.

Issue #8 looks into eye-witness accounts of bigotry, xenophobia, and government shackles, with top tips on how to deal with government indiscretions and uplifting stories of award-winning government officials creating hope on the ground. Feature covers include Holly Lynch MP (Halifax), a look at e-Estonia digital revolution, and an update from Baroness Lawrence since winning the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award.

As quoted by the great Sun Tzu: "Opportunities multiply as they are seized."

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