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Grassroot Diplomat has pioneered a new paradigm of productivity resources in shaping modern diplomats working at an official or grassroots capacity. The Grassroot Diplomat Academy is the first personal development platform that provides access to training resources developed from the Diplomatic Planner with rich guidance on ethical matters, self-development, and national priorities.

The new Grassroot Diplomat Academy is currently under development created exclusively for our members. The Academy will go live in May 2018 with full features released at the time of launch. 

Please note, existing members will be prompted to transfer to the Academy under the new payment plan from January 2019.

Choose your membership level.

TRIAL DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP - available until June 2018*

As a member of the Academy, you will receive:

  • Complimentary “I am a Grassroot Diplomat” canvas bag (worth £20)

  • Complimentary Grassroot Diplomat wristband

  • Exclusive podcasts on how to maximise lessons to the Diplomatic Planner

  • Case studies on how diplomatic practices are applied in real-life situations

  • Access to a library of unique content and guides about diplomatic practices

  • Exclusive discounted rates to events and personalised coaching

  • Exclusive VIP membership card

  • Free access to the Diplomatic Leadership Training Online (worth £190) – coming soon

  • Dedicated log-in access to the exclusive membership page – coming soon

  • Full digital access to worksheets and PDF guides on modern diplomatic practices – coming soon

*Subscription plan will cost £30 per month from June 2018 (existing members won't be affected until January 2019)