Distributing Clothes to Deprived People in Sri Lanka

Over the festive season, Director of Training and Development Nipuni Perera initiated a project to collect clothes and shoes from university students in the UK. Clothes were donated for distribution to poor people in Sri Lanka, particularly in remote villages where there is little communication.

Grassroot Diplomat engaged in this worthy cause by kindly sponsoring shipment fees to send over 100kg worth of clothes from UK to Sri Lanka. In early January 2016, clothes were donated to underprivileged families, young and old. Clothes and shoes are considered a luxury to many of the families there and much of the basics we have here are taken for granted. We are pleased to have helped families during this difficult winter and plan to organise a large scale distribution in one of the most rural villages in Sri Lanka. Through such initiatives, Grassroot Diplomat seeks to work at the grassroot level to support those in need in a global scale.

If anyone would like get involved in this project and donate unwanted clothes and shoes in good condition, please contact Nipuni Perera on nipuni@grassrootdiplomat.org.