ROundtable Discussion Management

Roundtable discussions are key relationship building exercises that put embassies in a leadership position amongst a wide range of stakeholders. Grassroot Diplomat will organise these events on behalf of the embassy, bringing in fresh delegates who can drive the project forward. Grassroot Diplomat will ensure that all delegates are briefed prior to the event to achieve maximum efficiency and following up with delegates to pursue further actions.  

Base service includes:

  • Securing up to 6 external delegates to the roundtable
  • Brief and preparation of delegates prior to roundtable
  • Profile biography and due diligence of all delegates
  • Research of high quality delegates to meet purpose and aims of the mission
  • Project write-up
  • Turnaround time of 6 months


Add-ons for further flexibility on event management

  • Venue source and negotiation                                    
  • Catering source and negotiation                                 
  • Delegation of up to 10 people                                      
  • Delegation of up to 20 people                                     
  • Delegation of up to 30 people                                     
  • Turnaround time of 3 months