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Diplomacy starts with you

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Non-profit consultancy


Established in 2013, Grassroot Diplomat is a non-profit diplomatic consultancy that ensures that the practice of diplomacy and international relations is inclusive and constructive at grassroots level. We engage with both official diplomats and citizen diplomats to help build positive impressions of their country that serve at the level of all people, no matter what their nationality. We are experts in digital communications and public diplomacy, and work with governments and citizen diplomats to ensure that their actions make a positive impact.

Our mission is to make diplomacy inclusive for everyone involved and develop a new generation of diplomats to serve the interests of society.

Our vision is change the attitude and perception of diplomacy to make it inclusive and representative of the people and country, anywhere in the world.

Our values

As a diplomatic non-profit consultancy, we are inspired by our deeply rooted values that drives innovative results. We are passionate to strive forward as a connected world. We enhance leadership so that efficiency and compassion shapes the future. We have integrity where we build trust and reinforce positive engagement through all of our work. We are progressive, where we are committed to and driven by our ideas. Lastly, we are dynamic, energised and effective in our action.

Who we work with

We believe that both official diplomats and citizen diplomats play a role in the wider scope of international relations. We engage both parties in our programmes.

  • We improve how official diplomats engage at a grassroots level. We enrich the national image of foreign embassies and diplomatic missions by designing digital communication and public diplomacy campaigns around local contexts and personalising the connection between embassies and their immediate communities
  • We empower citizen diplomats to involve themselves in international relations with confidence. As part of our innovation, we have created a range of unique diplomatic toolkits to train citizen diplomats to operate fluidly in a multicultural, modern society.

What our clients say


STRATEGIC GOAL: Make Diplomacy Inclusive For Everyone

Recognise that, with the right training, everyone has an opportunity to become an effective diplomat to represent their country at both grassroots and global level.


Self development toolkit for international relations practitioners


The “Diplomatic Planner” is a 12-month self-development career planner designed for citizen diplomats to make an informed decision about options in the field of international relations. The Ultimate Edition is packed with practical exercises that includes a monthly calendar, weekly scheduling and quarterly evaluations.

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STRATEGIC GOAL: Make Diplomacy Inclusive For Everyone

Recognise that, with the right training, everyone has an opportunity to become an effective diplomat to represent their country at both grassroots and global level.

Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy

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accessible for all


Grassroot Diplomat trains citizen diplomats and international relations practitioners to gain practical skills on the implementation of diplomacy in a wide range of fields, making diplomacy accessible to all.

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STRATEGIC GOAL: Create Positive Role Models at Government Level

Recognise and encourage the effort of official representatives working for the people’s interests and inspire others in government to follow suit.

 Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award

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Representing citizen interests at the highest level


The Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award recognises the achievements of outstanding politicians and diplomats who represent civilian interests at the highest level. The award creates positive role models at government level and encourages representatives to lead effectively for their people. Every year, we identify a range of politicians, diplomats and international business representatives who exemplify the very essence of what it means to be a grassroot diplomat.

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STRATEGIC GOAL: Develop the Practices of Diplomacy to Look Beyond National and Political Interest

Move away from stereotypical and traditional views of how diplomacy should be practiced to develop a global interest that affects all people.

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Talking diplomacy, without talking diplomacy


Free podcast series discussing innovative practices of diplomacy and international relations in today's world. Topics include leadership and self-development, networking, public diplomacy, personal branding, brand marketing, and digital diplomacy.

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STRATEGIC GOAL: Break Negative Stereotypes and Misconceptions of People and Country

Involve people of any nationality, race, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and religious belief to build a positive narrative for their country.

 Public Diplomacy Consultancy

Event management with an inspiring twist


Widening community engagement beyond the diaspora


Our public diplomacy service enhances community and diaspora engagements through events management and delegation roundtables. We focus on widening community relations that extend beyond typical diaspora engagements to ensure that all relevant communities are included in the mission. To break stereotypes, we offer business, press, and family-friendly engagement activities that build a personal connection between the embassy and its community.

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STRATEGIC GOAL: Build Trust and Strengthen Governments and Civil Society

Help, assist and support people to help achieve their goals in a united effort.

 Digital Communications Consultancy

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National storytelling for a local audience


Our digital communications service improves social media, general digital communications, and website development to strengthen stakeholder engagements. Grassroot Diplomat offers modern solutions to your country representation using engaging and effective modes of visual storytelling. Our aim is to help you break negative misconceptions and re-introduce embassies as a serious and much needed institution for the wider community.

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Meet Our People

A look at the people who are innovating the practices and operations of diplomacy at official and grassroots level.

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Grassroot Diplomat is made up of a network of specialists and consultants with a collective 450 years' worth of experience. We work across all continents with the flexibility to provide a highly bespoke service that meets various sensitivities and challenges of our clients. Our consultants include award-winning web strategists, business diplomacy experts, international development advisers, corporate lawyers and economic journalists to name a few.

Our relationship with our clients and networks are built on trust and confidentiality led under the leadership of the CEO, the Board of Directors, and guidance from the Advisory Council.

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