About us

Our mission and vision

Established in 2013, Grassroot Diplomat is the first non-profit diplomatic consultancy that ensures that the practice of diplomacy and international relations is inclusive and constructive at grassroots level. We engage with both official diplomats and citizens to help build positive impressions of their country and seek practical solutions that serve at the level of every man, woman and child. We are experts in digital communications and public diplomacy, and work with governments and citizen diplomats to ensure that their actions make a positive impact.

Our mission is to change the attitude and perception of diplomacy to make it inclusive and representative of the people and country, anywhere in the world.

Our vision is to make diplomacy inclusive for everyone involved and develop a new generation of diplomats to serve the interests of society.

Our values

Our values keep us grounded to our mission and ensure that we remain neutral, apolitical and independent for all of our services.

Our people

Grassroot Diplomat is made up of a network of specialists and consultants with a collective 450 years' worth of experience. We work across all continents with the flexibility to provide a highly bespoke service that meets various sensitivities and challenges of our clients. Our consultants include award-winning web strategists, business diplomacy experts, international development advisers, corporate lawyers and economic journalists to name a few.

Our relationship with our clients and networks are built on trust and confidentiality led under the leadership of the CEO, the Board of Directors, and guidance from the Advisory Council.

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Who we work with

We believe that both official diplomats and citizen diplomats play a role in the wider scope of international relations. We engage both parties in our programmes.

  • We improve how official diplomats engage at a grassroots level. We enrich the national image of foreign embassies and diplomatic missions by designing digital communication and public diplomacy campaigns around local contexts and personalising the connection between embassies and their immediate communities
  • We empower citizen diplomats to involve themselves in international relations with confidence. As part of our innovation, we have created a range of unique diplomatic toolkits to train citizen diplomats to operate fluidly in a multicultural, modern society.