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Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy

Online training for a new generation of diplomats

There is a reason why you want to engage in international relations.
Discover what that is and learn how to make a tangible and lasting impact as a Grassroot Diplomat.


Introducing Your "Diplomatic Planner"

From start to finish, here are our top tips on how to get the best experience out of your "Diplomatic Planner" for foundation, intermediate, and advanced-level practitioners.

Making the most of your "Diplomatic Planner"

You can find extra organisational sheets introduced by the “Diplomatic Planner” right here. Simply download and print to a size of your preference and keep yourself updated with your thoughts and personal development.

Diplomatic Planner: Ultimate Edition
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Diplomatic Planner: Ultimate Edition

The “Diplomatic Planner” is a 12-month self-development career planner designed for citizen diplomats to make an informed decision about options in the field of international relations. The Planner is 580 pages in full colour and beautifully put together in a hard cover jacket to protect your hard work. Easy to carry and fully portable. Make a statement and show people that you are serious about your vision and career.

Why choose this Planner?

• 6x9 inches in size
• 580 pages in full colour and white writing space
• 12 highly specialised themes to complete per month
• 1-2 practical exercises to complete per week
• Your Career Roadmap to becoming a diplomat
• Undated Annual Overview
• Undated Monthly Calendar
• Undated Weekly Schedule and Actions
• Weekly planners (undated 52 weeks)
• Blank weekly mind maps
• Monthly and quarterly evaluations
• Further Reading List with training and exclusive podcasts

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Diplomatic Planner: DIGITAL
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Diplomatic Planner: DIGITAL

The digital version of the “Diplomatic Planner” offers you an insight into what to expect from the Ultimate Edition and test out the content before purchasing the hard copy version. No waiting. Instant download and ready to use.

NOTE: Please be aware that the digital download contains 580 page and we urge that you think before you print! Be prepared with a separate notebook.

What does the digital version offer?

• Exactly the same content in the hard-copy version
• Instant PDF download
• 580 pages, full colour
• 12 highly specialised themes to complete per month
• 1-2 practical exercises to complete per week
• Your Career Roadmap to becoming a diplomat
• Undated Annual Overview
• Undated Monthly Calendar
• Undated Weekly Schedule and Actions
• Weekly planners (undated 52 weeks)
• Blank weekly mind maps
• Monthly and quarterly evaluations
• Further Reading List with training and exclusive podcasts

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"Diplomacy Engage" Tutorial Podcasts

Short and snappy podcasts that walks you through exercises, worksheets, development plans and book recommendations to help you make the most out of your Academy membership plan and be the best diplomat.

A sneak peek at the Academy content

Our public Trello board keeps track of all published content on the Online Academy, including TED Talks, podcasts and articles. Copy it over to your own Trello board and see just how much you can learn.  

Membership FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about your membership can be found here. If you have further queries about your membership, please contact


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Want to see more?

If you have any questions or suggestions for areas you want us to look into, put us to work and get in touch. We will do all of the hard work for you. You have nothing to lose. 

Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Skills for a Changing World" is the first chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. This first series focuses you to understand your skills, weaknesses, and areas of further development, specifically for a career in international relations and diplomacy. You will gain insights into soft and hard skills you already have and must develop to have a successful international career. You will also decide on regional areas to focus your training, as well as gain a firm grasp of your values, motivation and personal mission to drive you in your career. This series will help you define what success truly means to you and how to use your definition to achieve your long-term goals.

Key focus: up your skills, find your strengths, eliminating threats, assessment of the current market, overcoming obstacles, adapting to diplomacy, being prepared, framing your skills, development training for international relations and diplomacy

Key resource: SWOT analysis and action plan, hard skills inventory, soft skills audit, personal development plan


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Fitting a Global Profession" is the second chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. In this series, you will understand your fit in the world by identifying long-term goals to help you balance priorities between work and home. You will cultivate a deep understanding of your personal interests and how to align your passions so that can make a positive contribution to the world we have inherited. You will assess your niche interests in the field, become aware of career needs that suit your lifestyle and personality, find a fit in international relations and diplomacy that best aligns with your passions, values, and personal needs.  

Key focus: understanding complexity of international relations, setting lifelong goals, general goal setting, finding your niche interest, jobs in international relations and diplomacy, balancing family and a career, understanding your work style habit

Key resource: Original goals, lifelong goals, career prioritisation plan, championing world problems, niche interest specialism and action plan, professional lifestyle test, career funnel strategy


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Enhancing Emotional Intelligence" is the third chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. In this series, you will familiarise yourself with the utilisation of emotional intelligence when conducting international relations. Through a series of tests, case studies and resource development you will gain the ability to recognise your emotions, understand what they convey, and realise how your emotions affect the people around you. Your understanding of emotional intelligence will help you to re-identify potential conflicts and effectively navigate social situations in the context of those around you. This means improving your communications so that you build trustful relationships both online and offline.

Key focus: resolving conflict, improving mental resilience, sharing emotion, assessing personal characteristics, managing difficult relationships

Key resource: Emotional workout, emotional authenticity, building emotional awareness, defining emotional well-being, sensitivities using emotional reasoning, trigger awareness journal


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Know Thyself" is the fourth chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. In this series, you will understand your fit in the world through a set of critical thinking training to enable you to become more altruist in your goals. You will cultivate a deep understanding of who you are and how to overcome the fear of failure in a competitive environment. You will analyse how your interpretation of the world affects your engagement with it and develop self-knowledge that challenges your critical thinking. This series will make you aware of your many identities, how to better form opinions with imperfect information, and how you project yourself to the world.

Key focus: defining success, learning from failure, finding common ground

Key resource: Who am I, defining success, overcoming fear, thinking critically, setting motivational priorities, defining core values, understanding your personal culture


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Cultural Humility" is the fifth chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. In this series, you will learn how cultural values play a large part in the operation of diplomacy and international relations. Societies that lack cultural humility have proven to assimilate xenophobic behaviour, fearmongering and hatred against foreigners. In this series, you will learn to develop self-awareness and cultural reflection, how communities become marginalised and 'othered', the concept of privilege and cultural barriers lead to misunderstandings, and how to adapt yourself to changes shaped by mandates, practices, attitudes, policies, and laws defined by social structures.

Key focus: breaking negative stereotypes, understanding privilege, the cornerstone of what is bias, prejudice and stereotyping of others, cultural misunderstandings, respect beyond language

Key resource: Cultural competence, breaking stereotypes, bias development, conflict transformation


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Moral Gravity" is the sixth chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. In this series, you will learn how something that is legal isn't necessarily moral, ethical or in the best interest of the people. Personal conflict of interest is rife in international relations and learning to manage such dilemmas will train you to be a better operative in the field. A solid set of moral principles will help you preserve your integrity in the face of challenges and adversity, helping you maintain control while also remaining empathetic to the concerns of others. This series will help you identify professional dilemmas with strategies for dealing with them.

Key focus: professional and ethical dilemmas, understanding your core principles and motivational drivers, dealing with conflict of interest, protecting the lives of citizens

Key resource: Personal ethics, dilemmas in action, dilemma strategy, ethics of negotiation, negotiating behaviour


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Public Diplomat" is the seventh chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. The series will take you through several examples, case studies and strategies on how to be an effective diplomat for your country, cause or community. Everyone is a diplomat at different levels. Learning how to apply this concept to everyday life are lessons you will learn in this series. You will learn how to be mindful of how you engage with others, always intending to create positive interaction, and acting responsibly when far from home. You will also learn how to engage as a public diplomat by finding common links you share with the world, pick up strategies on how to deal with reserve and inverse culture shock, and how to adapt to local people without compromising your values and ethical stance.

Key focus: culture shock strategies, your link with the world through language, travel and interaction, responsibility as a public diplomat, making positive impressions abroad and with foreign communities

Key resource: Global community, shock abroad, culture shock strategy, expat syndrome, foreign classification, local responsibility


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Sticky Contacts" is the eighth chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. Create positive engagement through professional networking, storytelling techniques, and mutual influence that builds bonds over time. In this series, you will see why techniques like storytelling, being able to remember someone's name and drawing people in are crucial talents in international relations and diplomacy. In addition to face-to-face contacts, the series will also teach you how to network on the digital platform while also remaining true to yourself and your values. This series will provide strategies on how to develop your network, engage with your network, and build meaningful relationships within it.

Key focus: remembering and pronouncing names, networking objectives and core personal influences, mapping stakeholders to objectives, icebreaker strategies, crafting diplomatic etiquette

Key resource: Personal network, stakeholder mapping, name by association, ice ice breaker, killer elevator pitch, handling tough question, storytelling questions, trust in the teller


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Art of Leadership" is the ninth chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. The series will take you through strategies on how to be an effective leader when rutted with pitfalls, unfavourable decisions to make, and difficult people to work with. As a leader, you will have to make difficult or unpopular decisions, or maintain positivity when you don't believe in the cause. You will learn to balance various personalities, time constraints and external pressures, and develop resilience when dealing with failures. You will also identify the differences between a "boss" and leader, gain insights into breakaways from bad habits and perfectionist routines, and choose a good team and delegating tasks.

Key focus: Breaking perfectionist habits and mindset, maximising resources, task delegation, building a team and identifying strengths within it, enhancing team cohesiveness, making difficult decisions

Key resource: Boss or leader, breaking perfection, leadership growth, art of delegation, decision-making process


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Global Governance" is the tenth chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. You will learn how to manage bureaucracies, work around lobbyists vying for alternative interests, influence government through the understanding of policy, laws and protocols, and operate successfully in regulated environments. The series will walk you through how to manage delegates and stakeholders with deeply conflicting interests, set the right tone and agenda for meetings, and work with policy objectives to save you time. In addition, you will gain the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the process of policy-making, setting agendas, working with complex institutions, and managing expectations within a bureaucratic framework.

Key focus: Process and procedures for decision-making platforms, managing delegates and stakeholders with conflicting interest, getting your voice heard and doing so in the correct manner,  working with protocol and process, setting the tone in representing yourself correctly, leading meetings,
setting clear expectations, managing and balancing interests in negotiation

Key resource: Working with the system, making policy work, setting the agenda, politics of national interest


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Branded Diplomat" is the eleventh chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. Your personal brand will offer you with a focus on finding your voice and ensure more consistency on topics you choose to engage in. This series will teach you how to craft a personal brand that aligns to your values, cause and country without being too self-promotional, as well as strategies on how to use social media to bring awareness to issues that you feel most passionately about. You will also learn how to take control of your digital footprint and craft an online persona that is true to your mission. This series will help you craft a thoughtful brand, teach you how to target a specific audience and help you develop content that will fit around your schedule and endeavours.

Key focus: crafting a brand, digital storytelling, online findability, creating niche brand, cultivating network of contacts, effective use of social media, establishing an online and offline niche

Key resource: Designing your cause, brand target, brand statement, message architecture, thought leadership, digital voice


Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy




"Grassroot Diplomat" is the twelfth chapter of the Diplomatic Planner. In this penultimate series, you will learn how to be committed to the cause of others, picking up strategies on how to cope with high demands, stress, emotional triggers, dangerous situations and conflicting priorities. Staying committed to your cause and becoming your cause will help you to create an authentic brand that is transparent, yet unbreakable. To be resilient is to have a solid purpose and motivation as to why you are doing what you are doing. A grassroot diplomat puts the people's interests first. What does that mean to you? How do you translate this to your cause? How do you define yourself and stand up to critics who do not understand your journey? What are you trying to achieve and whom are you trying to help? This series will help you answer many of these difficult questions.

Key focus: strategising to becoming a perfect diplomat, clarity on purpose goals, intentions and vision, defining your career and greater role in the world, carefully crafted personal brand, alignment to mission and vision, representing a global cause with local impact

Key resource: Personal strategy, coping strategy, career strategy, becoming a grassroot diplomat


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We provide certificates to members who have been with Grassroot Diplomat for over 12 months. You will receive a special certificate via the email you used to register with us. Please make sure you keep your personal information updated.

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