6 Tips To Deal With Negativity


This TED Talk was specially selected to support lessons from Chapter 3 "Enhancing Emotional Intelligence" of the Diplomatic Planner, as part of supplementary learning and development for your emathy training. 


When we make positive changes and pursue self improvement, we sometimes attract negative comments from our friends and loved ones. It doesn't matter if you start taking your fitness seriously, or starting a business, whenever you start to grow there are inevitably people who would like to see you stay the same.

In this video, Charlie Houpert from “Charisma on Demand” will teach you how to deal with negative comments and turn that negativity to positivity. The video will cover:
1. Use the toddler technique
2. Purposely misinterpret passive aggressive questions
3. Answer their questions with vulnerability
4. Use the 1 sentence rebuttal
5. Don't recruit; live it
6. Find one other person