A Career in Peace and Conflict

Photo by  Jonathan Meyer

Peace and conflict is a fundamental part of international diplomacy. In many cases, there is no peace without conflict, and sadly jobs do arise from them. In today’s modern society, there are many government organisations and agencies that ensure peace is sustained in all pockets of the world.

The list below centres around organisations you can work for, particularly in Switzerland, which is a country well-known for its role in maintaining international diplomacy. It is home to many United Nations agencies, including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross – both of which are based in Geneva and received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The European continent also hosts the International Peace Bureau in Berlin, another organisation that received the Noble Peace Prize in 1910. Approximately 100 years later, the European Union received the same award in 2012. If you are interested in contributing to the next Noble Prize, you might be interested in the following list of organisations that focus on peace, security and disarmament.

Side note: it is advisable to speak French since it is one of the official languages of Switzerland and the United Nations.

Center de Politique de Sécurité

An international foundation serving a global community of individuals and organisations with the mission to advance peace, security, and international cooperation by providing knowledge, skill, and network for effective and inclusive decision-making.

Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue aims to prevent, mitigate, and resolve armed conflicts through dialogue and mediation. Mediation and dialogue are the most effective and cheapest tools for preventing and resolving armed conflicts.

Centre International de Déminage Humanitaire

The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining is an expert organisation working to reduce the impact of mines, cluster munitions, and other explosive hazards, in close partnership with mine action organisations and other human security actors.

Centre pour le Controle Démocratique des Forces Armées

DCAF is dedicated to improving the security of states and people within a framework of democratic governance, the rule of law and respect for human rights. The organisation assists partner states and international actors supporting these states to improve the governance of their security sector through inclusive and participatory reforms.

European Union

The EU is a huge international organisation with various goals including the promotion of peace, values and the well-being of its citizens. The EU has undertaken many overseas operations, using civilian and military instruments in several countries in the European, African and Asian continents as part of its Common Security and Defense Policy.

International Atomic Energy Agency

Widely known as the world’s ’Atoms for Peace and Development’ organisation within the United Nations family, the IAEA is the international centre for cooperation in the nuclear field. The agency works with its member states and multiple partners worldwide to promote safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative

The Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative is dedicated to evidence-based research and its transfer to policy and practice. The objective of the initiative is to support sustainable peace by providing expertise and information on the inclusion of diverse actors in peace and transition processes.

Initiatives of Change

Initiative of Change is a worldwide movement of people commited to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own. It focuses on the vital link between personal and global change.

International Alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas

ALIPH, an acronym which also designates the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, was created to act in favour of cultural heritage in conflict areas via an aid programme, enabling it to be flexible and react quickly for preventive protection, emergency measures and post-conflict actions.

International Campaign to Ban Landmines

ICBL is a coalition of non-governmental organisations whose stated objective is a world free of anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions, where mine and cluster munitions survivors see their rights respected and can lead fulfilling lives.

International Peace Bureau

ICB is dedicated to the vision of a world without war. Their current focus is on disarmament for sustainable development and within this, the focus is mainly on the reallocation of military expenditure.


Interpeace is an international organisation that prevents violence and builds lasting peace. It has 25 years of experience working in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

International Comittee of the Red Cross

Established in 1863, IFRC operates worldwide in helping people affected by conflict and armed violence and promoting the laws that protect victims of war.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, is a global organisation dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.