A Career in Trade and Investment


Having an understanding of how and why countries cooperate internationally is a big advantage to recent graduates looking to move into a new career. The European Union is a long-standing institution that marries the work of diplomacy and trade together. Taking a closer look at the negotiations, we can identify that trade and investment issues are a major pillar of countries cooperating in peaceful exchange. As a member of the EU, the UK has long enjoyed privileges and access to the EU domestic market.

With the current developments of Brexit, the world will start to witness just how intertwined these two concepts are once the United Kingdom leaves the EU and starts looking for trade deal elsewhere.

The EU and its member states need more young people to keep its institution running, but candidates are required to have a solid understanding of international economy, investments, and trade. A career in this field might deliver high-quality research and opinion polling to reflect the reality of our markets. Trade and Investment agencies are also instrumental to helping policymakers and companies make informed decisions about the future of regional economies. Considering a career in trade and investment is a huge part of international diplomacy, one that actively keeps countries from going to war, build bridges and shape economic relations.

If you are interested in an international relations career, there is huge leverage to think about moving into trade and investment, particularly when working with regional institutions that work with more than 28 member states. These institutions are varied and below are a few examples of some agencies you may wish to pursue.

ABA – Invest in Austria - The Austrian trade and investment agency offers services especially in the field of research and development, which a lot of support to start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to work or grow their business in Austria. Nearly all countries have development agents like this so you may wish to shortlist which country you want to work with and go from there.

Belgian Foreign Trade Agency - If you are interested in being a researcher at a high-level institution you might wish to consider working for the Belgians, who regularly post statistics and publications.

Invest Bulgaria Agency - Bulgaria seeks experts with deep regional, industry and legal knowledge that intertwines its knowledge and learning with regional and international economy. Institutions such as this are always on the search for new researchers which is a great entry-level position for anyone looking to start a career in this field.

Croatian Chamber of Economy – Investment Promotion Division - Upcoming economies like Croatia are routinely searching for experts focused on infrastructure, logistics and environment standards, as they look to move into smart and green initiatives.

Invest Cyprus - Cyprus is the destination for specialists looking for a modern, cosmopolitan and transparent business centre, likely to hire people with a background in taxation.

Czech Invest - The Czech communicate frequently between foreign offices, so professionals with diplomatic soft skills might be of interest. Start-ups are a priority for international success for this particular agency.

Invest in Denmark - Denmark aims to expand business with China. As a result, they are looking for workforces with suitable language background.

Estonian Investment Agency - Estonia presents itself as a northern European hub for digital business and technology, so anyone with an interest in digital communications may find this agency a good match.

Business Finland - Finland pushes innovation with global impact, so try this agency if you have a financial, innovation or international markets background.

Business France - As other countries, France also leads the way with tech communities and is a role model for climate sustainability. There is a plenty opportunity here for those looking to do some work on climate justice and technology.

Germany Trade & Invest - Germany has one of the most advanced and prepared agencies, and is now actively preparing for Brexit. Anyone interested in this issue should consider applying to this agency.  

Enterprise Greece – Invest & Trade - The Greek economic philosophy is based on foreign direct investments (FDI) and export trade, so a very interesting agency for any young export and FDI gurus.

Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency - A key pillar of Hungarian Economy is the classic industry such as the automotive industry. This agency is seeking experts from the industry with suitable language knowledge who are able to operate effectively in this area.

Department of International Trade – Invest in Great Britain & Northern Ireland - The UK is on the shift to a new era of challenges and opportunities. The department is seeking people with trade and legal expertise to help shape policies and trade negotiations post-Brexit.  

Italian Trade Agency - A modern and motivated organisation with a widespread network of overseas offices, ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses. Anyone with this language skill who have the fluidity to operate abroad will be well suited for this agency.

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia - Making new contacts in trade missions, national stands, business to business events and export workshops is what LIAA offers to local companies seeking opportunities in foreign markets. An interest in stakeholder relations will be required for an agency lie this.

Invest Lithuania: The Lithuanian Investment Promotion Agency - This Lithuanian agency specialises in decision-making, business establishment and business development. If you consider yourself a talent in project management and stakeholder relations, check the vacancies page regularly and get in touch with them about your offer.

Luxembourg Trade & Invest - Luxinnovation and the Chamber of Commerce work alongside the Ministry of the Economy to foster innovation, fuel international growth and attract FDIs. Government relations specialist, as well as experts in the above mentioned field, will be a great fit here.

Malta Enterprise: Home - This agency offers a wide range of skills and background as it facilitates interaction with investors from all sectors. This can be a great entry-level position if you are looking to move to Europe and governance.

Netherlands Trade and Investment Office - Essential activities of the NFIA include consultancy and advocacy with an in-depth knowledge about the EU market. Anyone with a background or interest in law will find this agency very interesting.

Polish Trade & Investment Agency - The Polish Trade & Invest Agency was initially part of the Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has been divided into a separate organ. It still has strong cooperation with the government and therefore a good fit for candidates with a background in law, economy and governance.

Aicep – Portugal Global - AICEP focuses on encouraging foreign companies to invest in Portugal and contribute to the success of Portuguese companies abroad in their internationalisation processes and export activities. This is an ideal agency for key account and project managers.

Invest Romania - Romania seeks experts from the private sector to advise companies on how to successfully develop a business. If you have a MBA or any corporate experience, this might be a good fit for you.

SARIO Slovak Investment and Trade Agency - An interesting workplace for people with background in philosophy, strategic management and other fields that fosters visionary thinking. This agency provides strategic advice on how to launch a business in the country and expanding business investments in the region.

Invest Slovenia - Slovenia takes a classic approach in advisory in the field of taxation, legislation, local support incentives, industry consultancy and advocacy. They are actively seeking candidates from all backgrounds.

Invest in Spain - Spain targets FDIs, investor relationships, and global markets looking to improve or expand the business climate. It is a value-based organisation which promotes transparency, confidentiality, neutrality, management objectivity and customised services. If you are looking for employment with deep values, this might be interesting.

Business Sweden - Sweden empowers sustainability, whistleblowing services and a strong network of professionals. They believe that with the right contact, a green vision for the planet and fairness on the market companies is achievable. With strong business ethics like this, this agency is a good fit for international diplomacy practitioners.