Exploring Job Types in International Relations


Like many sectors, international relations is a very wide field that requires time and thinking when considering a future career. Roles vary and many of them are specialised which require specific skill sets. Below is a comprehensive list of career possibilities within international relations to provide an illustration of the variety this field can provide. The job hierarchy is the typical level of seniority succession for most roles which is not reflective in the jobs role list.


  1. Chair of the Board of Directors

  2. Vice Chair of the Board

  3. Board of Directors

  4. Chief Executive Officer

  5. Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Innovation Officer
    Chief Data Officer
    Chief Compliance Officer
    Chief Information Officer
    Chief Knowledge Officer
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Chief Security Officer
    Chief Talent Officer
    Chief Administrative Officer

  6. President

  7. Executive Vice President

  8. Senior Vice President

  9. Vice President

  10. Assistant Vice President

  11. Associate Vice President

  12. Senior Director

  13. Director

  14. Assistant Director

  15. Manager

  16. Associate

  17. Officer

  18. Assistant

  19. Intern



  • International Trade Specialist

  • Foreign Affairs Officer

  • Public Affairs Specialist

  • Logistics Management Specialist

  • Corporate Communications Officer

  • Media Relations Director

  • International News Writer

  • Economist.Statistician

  • Commercial Manager

  • Business Development Assistant


  • Researcher

  • Project Assistant

  • Analyst

  • Project Manager

  • Fundraising Systems Assistant

  • Media Relations Manager

  • Programmes Manager

  • Country Director

  • Regional Director


  • Media and Communications Specialist

  • Public Relations Specialist

  • Legal occupations

  • Finance Analysts and Advisors

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Administration Services Manager

  • Advertising and Promotions Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Sales Manager

NOTE: This list is updated periodically.