How to complete a Career Planning Flowchart


International relations is such a large field that knowing where to specialise in can quickly become overwhelming. Chapter Two of the Diplomatic Planner shares insights into realising your dream job and how to get there.

We have prepared an additional worksheet called the “Career Planning Flowchart” to help you brainstorm job milestones so that you can clearly see your career options at a quick glance. This worksheet can be downloaded from the Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy. Here is an example of what your flowchart should look like once you have filled it in.

As you can see, the purpose of the flowchart is to provide you with the necessary steps to help you realise your dream job. By identifying the industry and functions you would like to work in, you can then brainstorm what jobs to chase after per function. This provides you with at least 12 potential careeer angle to start off with, all with the intention of helping you get to your dream job in the long-run.

If you feel stuck at any stage, do not hesitate to contact us or secure a place at the Premium Career Coaching session. Use the code COACHME at the checkout.

Example of a complete ‘Career Planning Flowchart’

If you turn to page 100 of the Diplomatic Planner, you will be presented with a career funnel that helps you to visualise paths you may eventually wish to take. Refer back to this list for reference.

FINAL_CH2_Completed Career Planning Flowchart.png