How to Create Your Personal Strategy Plan

You can have a big goal with the biggest to-do list and still achieve nothing at the end of the day. There are many reasons why many fail to achieve their biggest goals but one of the most common reason is a failure to plan.

A personal strategy plan is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you stay accountable to your biggest goals and ambitions. Without one, you may find that you lack focus and forget your original purpose. You can download a template Personal Strategy Plan from “Skills for a Changing World” on the Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy.

Here is a quick guide on how to create your very own personal strategy plan.

STEP ONE: Decide on your big goal

What is the biggest thing you want to achieve in your life this year? This goal doesn’t have to be related to your career. In fact, your career is very much linked to your personal life and how you manage your time is important to how you succeed professionally. Your result goal can be anything from saving money to starting a family. Think of the bigger picture, something that scares you and will change your life. Decide what your end goal is so that all the small tasks you complete on a daily basis propel you towards achieving your ultimate goal.

Personal Strategy Plan.png

In this example, our end goal is to start a family which will have an enormous impact on one’s professional and personal life. Planning in advance can help mitigate future risks and stresses.

STEP TWO: Decide on your big goal

Your big goal will remain unachievable unless you break it down into smaller parts. Break your big goal into three distinct parts that are practical.

In this example, we have decided that saving money, improving health, and moving closer to work will help achieve a healthy work-life balance when starting a new family. This will now become the focus of any future activities.

Personal Strategy Plan.png

STEP THREE: Create tasks and actions to complete on a regular basis

The next step is to break down your goals even further into actions that can be completed on a daily or weekly basis. This means breaking your progress goals into three additional parts so that you are constantly moving forward with your goal.

For example, in order to buy a house closer to work, certain actions will be required to make this happen. This may include looking into the property market, determining the right area, and ultimately deciding on the property itself. These actions are required to make goal #1 achievable. Repeat this process for each progress goal.

Personal Strategy Plan.png

STEP FOUR: Don’t give up!

The key to success is to not give up. Be committed to your goal, stay focused on your actions, and complete your tasks. Creating a personal strategy plan can be transformative and change can happen quickly can you stick with it.

Be patient with yourself and know that you are moving in the right direction. Small progress is still progress, so don’t give up!

Personal Strategy Plan.png