More about the Clifton Strengths Test

In chapter one of the Diplomatic Planner as a further training option we suggest diplomats to take the Gallups StrengthTest. In this case study, we take a closer look at why it is worth taking and how it could benefit you.

The assessment, which has now been rebranded as CliftonStrenghts, is an online personal development tool that helps individuals identify, understand and ultimately maximize their strengths.

The theory behind it is that each individual has a unique combination of distinctive talents – or strengths – and certain people tend to naturally excel in certain fields while not being able to sustain success or high levels of effectiveness in others. 

The test allows individuals to focus on making the most of their talents and building their strengths rather than on trying to correct their weaknesses and mend their flaws.

How the test works

You have essentially two different assessment options. A basic one ($19.99), which will show you only your top five strengths and a premium one ($49.99), which will provide you an in-depth analysis with all your thirty-three strengths (including ones that are near the bottom of the list which aren’t really part of your talents makeup).

The test can be accessed via the web or an easily downloadable the app, which is available both for iOS and Android devices. Search for “CliftonStrenghts”.

The test takes approximately half an hour to complete and will show you a series of statements that best describes you based on how strongly or moderately you agree or disagree with each statement. By exploring the ways in which you naturally think, feel and behave through the answers that you give, the assessment will identify areas where you have the most potential to grow and succeed. Once you have finished taking the test, it will show your strengths – or “themes” as they are called – and a description of each of them, along with advice about how to put them to work.

Benefits of the test

Taking the Clifton assessment will help you make better career decisions. When you know your own strengths, you can make more informed decisions about what to study, which professional path to follow and which job offers to accept or not that will ultimately lead you to a career that you truly love.

This, in turn, will help you experience happiness and career well-being. Doing something you love and are most skilled at each day will enhance your self-confidence and sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Focusing on your strengths will also help you to always be in the flow. When you know what you do best and you put yourself intentionally in situations in which you can constantly express your innate talents, you will feel extremely engaged.

An alternative option

The VIA Character Strengths Test is a good alternative to the CliftonStrenghts assessment because it is quick. This test requires only fifteen minutes to complete, and is completely free of charge.

The results are fairly accurate in helping you figure out what your strengths are and what you are good at. Although this assessment is not as methodical as the CliftonStrengths, it could be an interesting option for those who are looking for something reliable, but costless at the same time.

One more thing

If you wish to get the most mileage out of your strengths, another alternative option to consider would be to simply take some time to reflect on them.

Think about your studies and your career. What are the things you have enjoyed the most and the projects and tasks you were most successful at? Generally speaking, what are the things you know you are most good at and you truly love performing?

Once you have identified your strengths, create a plan to further grow them and take the next step towards putting those assets to some use.