Recognizing Privilege: Power to All People


This TED Talk was specially selected to support lessons from Chapter 4 "Know Thyself" of the Diplomatic Planner, as part of supplementary learning and development in your understanding yourself in the world around us. 

Mike Yates

Mike Yates


Everyone will walk away from this talk knowing something about privilege! Often times the thing that separates us from other people is the way we are viewing ourselves. What if we could all come together by viewing ourselves in a different way? Mike tells us how to come together in power!


Michael Yates has been working in education for the last seven years as a college readiness tutor, education programs coordinator and a teacher. Michael is a proud graduate of Texas State University with undergraduate degrees in Applied Sociology and Communication Studies. He is currently pursuing his graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University. He has coached basketball for the last eight years and is a licensed USA basketball coach.  Outside of school Mr. Yates hosts speech and debate camps and public speaking workshops for adult professionals through his organization, Rising Star Speech. He is also a regular contributor for an online publication called We Are Teachers. Mr. Yates has a wife, Alexandria, and three children, Austin, Brooklyn, and London.