"StrengtherFinders 2.0" Online Test


Chapter 1 of the Diplomatic Planner is all about finding out your true strengths and how to leverage them in the highly complex and multifaceted world of international relations. You may know for certain what your two top skills are but do you know how to tap into it and maximise them to the best of your ability? Or perhaps you are struggling to figure out what you do best and what natural talent you have. Talent isn’t just song and dance. Being able to communicate well without breaking a sweat, or writing well are all natural skills. If something comes easily to you and this is a natural skill, you may only need enhanced training to further sharpen those skills on the field.

To help you to discover your true strength, we recommend the book “StrengthsFinder 2.0” by Tom Rath which comes free when you take the online StrengthsFinder test which is where the real recommendation lie. This resource is recommended as further reading to support Chapter 1 “Skills for a Changing World” of the Diplomatic Planner.


StrengthsFinder was developed by a team of scientists and psychologists to help people uncover and develop their natural talents. Self improvement starts with a focused assessment of your skills and habits. This is your foundational block and without a good foundation, everything that you work on overtime will crumble and fall. Therefore, fixing bad habits and characteristic traits may not be as helpful if your very foundation is rocky to begin with. This is why at the very beginning of the Diplomatic Planner, we have set out exercises that assesses your strengths and weaknesses.

AUTHOR: Tom Rath

AUTHOR: Tom Rath

Identifying our strengths helps us to better leverage them on a professional setting, leading to better performance and improved confidence. What we love about the StrengthsFinder assessment is that it provides validation on what you think you are already good at and provides suggestions on how to maximise on those key skills to your fullest potential. Think of your strengths as “super hero quality” and learn to tap into this. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone can do what you do. We all bring a unique spin, a different perspective and new experiences. How we do it is what brings colour to those experiences. Therefore, rather than focusing on your failures and shortcomings, focus on the strengths you can bring to the table.

StrengthsFinders identifies 34 key strengths that people exhibit which is explained on the online test. It is recommended that you go through the test instead of going through the book first. The latter is provided to you for free as a companion guide to the test that offers further analysis to your results. When you take the test, you will get a personalised report on each of your strengths. Just knowing what these are can really help you understand yourself better and find your fit in the world, especially if this is an area you have been struggling with for some time. Once you complete the test, you will receive an access code to download the StrengthsFinder book. The book is meant to be background explanatory information to the online test.

Matching personality traits is quite important to matching the right skill sets. When you put an application in for a job or go to an interview, the hiring manager is always on the lookout for someone who can fit in quite well with the culture of the organisation. You may have the best skills in the world but if you are a poor cultural fit to this new environment, the new candidate may struggle to get to grasp with the task at hand and mesh well with the new team. So use this resource to find out what you are great at and maximise those strengths so that you can operate at your full potential.

“StrengthsFinder 2.0” is recommended for the purposes of the Diplomatic Planner. The Diplomatic Planner is a 12-month career development toolkit for diplomacy and internationals for professionals looking to explore or grow their expertise in the field. Both books are available for purchase via Amazon and look up StrengthsFinder on your web browser. For further recommendations, insights, case studies and practicable worksheets, please join the Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy via: www.grassrootdiplomat.org/register