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List of UN Acronyms

The UN and the diplomatic language is riddled with internal acronyms that a layman will not understand. Mastering the necessary acronyms used in specific organizations is an absolute must and will prepare you to efficiently navigate contexts and environments like a pro. Such UN-ese knowledge will enhance your ability to work effectively within different settings, allowing you to perform your diplomatic functions at your best.

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How to Speak UN: Deciphering Acronyms

Due to the complexity and wide spectrum of issues being treated, effective involvement at various meetings, working sessions, and conferences requires participants to not only master substantive topics under discussion, but also a rich vocabulary of specific terms and acronyms related to the UN system. Misinterpretation and miscommunication of specific terminologies can in fact easily result in confusion to such an extent that diplomatic initiatives may be compromised altogether. 

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What Matters Most to You?

Each day, we are given 86,400 seconds to live and do what we can. If we are lucky, this time is renewed on a daily basis but are we using this time to our fullest potential? If you left the world tomorrow, would you really want to know how much time was spent wasting on your smartphone instead of doing something more worthwhile? 

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