“The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard

AUTHOR: Brendon Burchard

AUTHOR: Brendon Burchard

If you desire to work in international relations, then there is a pretty good chance that you have a pretty strong motivational driver. Its serves as our fuel to get up in the morning and trudge through difficult challenges. The drive that motivates you helps you to keep moving. Without motivation, our desire for action dries up and we end up quitting. Our efforts become stalled and our will becomes non-existent. Chapter 4 of the Diplomatic Planner helps you to figure out your motivational driver. Because when you know what your core motivation is for your career, you are able to establish whether you seek the role of diplomat, for example, for the right reason.

To help us understand the role motivation has in our life, we recommend the book “The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power” by Brendon Burchard to support Chapter 4 “Know Thyself” of the Diplomatic Planner. You need to be motivated to pursue anything. It is your power to achieve anything you want, so knowing how to tap into that motivation to take you to the next level can be truly transformational.   

The author refers to this power as a “motivation manifesto”. This manifesto is a serious commitment to finding a focused purpose. But for this concept to truly manifest itself, we need personal freedom. Lack of freedom can easily spiral out of control and we have seen human atrocities such as the Holocaust where freedom was literally wiped away in society. Lack of freedom leads to the feeling of oppression, and oppression and fear stops us from doing anything. In order to attain personal freedom in our personal life, we must learn to overcome fear which is a powerful part of the human psyche. Fear keeps us away from danger but in our modern society, our fear is very internal and we are simply stopping ourselves from achieving something that could be great because of our own insecurities. 

To get passed this, we must reflect on our true ambition. The author describes ambition as the choice to seek something greater in our life, and by focusing on our ambition, we are then able to set goals that we want to reach. To understand this, we can ask ourselves some simple questions: 

  • Is this the best job I could have?

  • Why am I doing this?

  • What else can I do?

  • What do I really want to do?

Asking yourself questions can draw your attention to ambitions you might have ignored. It is also important to distinguish ambition from hope. Ambition has a strategic path, whereas hope is just a will without shape. You need to be able to visualise yourself getting to your final goal rather just hope that you’ll get there. You have to expect that you will succeed which is that underlying spark behind motivation.

While motivation is your fuel to doing something, motivation itself needs fuel to keep it burning. We all have days where we feel unmotivated to do anything, but motivation can be nurtured by developing routine and habit with the support of others. Such system helps us to be accountable to our goals. For example, being happy is something that you can practice. People aren’t born to be happy. If you focus on your happiness and do things can sparks happiness, you will be happy. As the author says, happiness isn’t something that “just happens”, you are in charge of your own happiness. If you know the results you want, you need to be able to work for it, rather than just “hope” that it will come to you. This is also a part of positive thinking that requires effort and conscious effort.

We all have our internal demons that stops us getting to where we want to go but if we tried hard enough, we can conquer these demons. All we need are the right weapons: faith. We need faith so that we can diminish self-doubt and truly believe in ourselves. The author reminds us to tell ourselves: “If I work hard and dedicate all my efforts to my tasks, in time I will achieve my dreams.” One of the many motivational manifestos shared in Burchard’s book. By having faith in yourself, you will find it easier to work steadily towards your goal, even if what you want to achieve sounds a little reckless or crazy.

If anything, remember that everyone has the potential to become a beacon of hope. That is why we encourage diplomats to be the best representatives for their cause and country, to serve as positive role models in the country they operate in by carving a personal brand that marries into their passions. Too often, our government or bosses dictate what other people want us to do. If we understand our motivations, we will be able to define our career in our own terms and live with integrity and dignity.

Our world is in desperate need of role models and inspiring leaders, so why look to others to fill this void? Great leaders don’t tell people what to do. Great leaders inspire others to find their path, and that is a key message you can take away from this book.

“The Motivation Manifesto” is recommended for the purposes of the Diplomatic Planner. The Diplomatic Planner is a 12-month career development for diplomacy and internationals for professionals looking to explore or grow their expertise in the field. Both books are available for purchase via Amazon. For further recommendations, insights, case studies and practicable worksheets, please join the Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy via: www.grassrootdiplomat.org/register