Top 5 Project Management Training

One of the most frequently requested skills in international relations is being able to manage projects. You may be wondering what project management has to do with diplomacy. Imagine that you are given the task of organizing a large national day event. The possession of project management skills provides you with the ability to coordinate and supervise a team, observe and manage a preset budget, and work with specific budgets that are sometimes out of your control. Knowing how to manage and handle conflicting dynamics will help you run projects more smoothly, considerably increasing the chances of success.                                                                                                    

To help you gain project management skills, we have tested a series of training courses and selected the best five options to sharpen your abilities. Our selection includes some of the best online courses offered by various globally renowned universities, as well as reputable platforms such as Coursera, edX, FutureLearn and Linkedin Learning. These courses are specifically designed for short distance learning that do not require any prior experience. Best of all, the courses offer free trials as well as study materials ranging from book excerpts to video lectures. You can also upgrade to a paid premium version if you wish to have a certificate of achievement issued, provided that you have previously verified your ID and pass all the graded assignments. 

Here is our top 5 selection. 

1. Introduction to Project Management

“Introduction to Project Management” is a course offered by the University of Adelaide through the edX platform. It is an ideal starting point for people seeking project management knowledge and skills in different fields and contexts.

The course starts with the basics by defining what a project is, and walks you through different phases of project management. Step by step, you will learn how to plan and manage your project from start to finish as well as how to wrap up the project delivery. You will also gain essential skills on how to effectively communicate, manage people and employ leadership skills to successfully deliver your project, thanks to a series of useful case studies that are provided.

The course is theoretically planned to last 6 weeks with an estimated effort of 2-3 hours per week. Since the learning methodology is self-paced, you could potentially complete the programme in just a couple of days.

Available: website, iOS App, Android App

Price: Free – Certificate $50


2. Project Management Foundations

This course has been developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI)[1], a global non-profit professional project management organization based in the USA. The course is taught by Bonnie Biafore, a world renowned and certified project management professional and trainer, and is hosted by the Linkedin Learning platform.

This course will teach you elementary skills and tools needed to handle and manage projects effectively. Through a series of short videos, you will learn how to establish project goals and objectives, build a plan, manage team resources, meet deadlines and deliver projects successfully.

If you don’t have much time to spare, but still want to grasp the basic elements of project management, this is your best option as the whole course lasts less than 3 and a half hours in total.

Available: website, iOS App, Android App 

Price: 30-day free trial – Premium subscription of $29.99/month ($24.99/month if paid annually)

3. Business Fundamentals: Project Management

Designed by the Open University and hosted by the FutureLearn platform, this course will introduce you to essential skills and processes that support successful project management, by showing you how to apply them to your own context. Through different lessons, you will gain basic skills needed to manage all phases of project lifecycles effectively, using the most appropriate methods and tools. You will also gain confidence with project document templates in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as some web tools for project management. By the end of the course, you will be able to apply the diverse principles and techniques of effective project management and develop the necessary time management, prioritization, communication, and team management skills.

The course is self-paced and is scheduled to last 4 weeks with an estimated effort of 3 hours per week, which means that you could complete it in just a couple of days.

Available: website (mobile-friendly version included)

Price: Free – Certificate $74

4. Project Management Principles, Practices and Systems

“Project Management Principles, Practices and Systems” was developed by the Anglia Ruskin University and is hosted by FutureLearn. The course will teach you the key elements of project management and help you understand primary skills needed to complete projects on time and on budget, through a series of case studies and real life examples. By the end of the course, you will be able to deal with some of the main challenges that project managers usually face such as miscommunication issues.

The course is self-paced and is planned to last 2 weeks with an estimated effort of 4 hours per week, which means that you could complete it in just one day if you wish.

Available: website (mobile-friendly version included)

Price: Free – Certificate $59


5. Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

This course was designed by the Darden School of Business of the University of Virginia and is hosted by the Coursera platform. Although of relatively short duration, the course uses an in-depth coaching approach to help you develop the language and mindset for planning and managing projects by properly setting and prioritizing project goals and objectives that will lead you to project success.

Of all the options that we have chosen, this is probably the most advanced and demanding and is probably best suited for people with a deeper and detailed analysis of the subject.

The course duration is 4 weeks, with an estimated effort of 2-3 hours a week, which means that you could finish the course in a couple of days.

Available: website, iOS App, Android App

Price: Free – Certificate $60