Top Meditation Apps for Diplomats


Engaging as a diplomat can require a significant amount of mental strength due to the high level of international responsibility. The stakes are often very high -- remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? The world stood one step away from a nuclear war. Our world today could be a portrait of the movie “The Day After” from 1983. This situation may seem fictional but this is because of the work done behind the scenes by diplomats, managing crisis and coming to agreements to keep the balance of power.

Even if we are blind to world-changing negotiations, diplomats take responsibility for political and sensitive topics, deal with various governments, have a complicated personal and family life, work in dangerous areas, and start their lives all over again elsewhere a few years later.

Studies have shown that the high-level of pressure that diplomats endures also means that diplomats are in increased danger of getting mentally ill (PubMed). This is especially true of younger diplomats who are less experienced. Balancing various lifestyles in a highly sensitive job requires good management and the increasing need of mental stamina couldn’t be more true of today’s more globalised climate.

Luckily, there are a lot of portable options for diplomats to start practicing mental exercises to keep stress at bay and you only require 15 minutes of less per day. Mental health professionals advise mediation as a successful method to overcome stress and find inner peace. Practicing regularly is key and here are a few recommendations to get you started on the journey to better mental health.


1. Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Meditation offers an entirely free and broad set of 10 lectures over ten weeks to learn the art of yoga meditation. The lessons consist of 4 different parts. First, you may watch a YouTube video to learn the basics. Next, there are readings to deepen your basic understanding of the practice. Thirdly, you need to go through a guided meditation, which contains text and audio. The final step reminds you on what to do before the next class. These instructions are offered a couple of times at the beginning, then twice a day, one session in the morning and one in the evening. The program offers 12 different languages and invites a wide range of people to learn more about Hinduism and its ancient traditions. This course offers more than just the practice itself but also its foundation and history for a more in-depth immersion.

Available: Website

Price: Free


2. Calm

Calm is a modern alternative that offers not only meditation, but also “sleep stories” to aid for a good night’s rest. The app has various selection of ambient music and stress reduction techniques outside of the app. For travellers much like diplomats who live a lot of their time in planes, the cooperation that app has with airports makes for an excellent fit for the ultimate stress-free and relaxation experience.

Available: Android, iPhone

Price: Free testing period of one week following by $59.99 Premium, $399.99 lifetime access


3. Glo

For people who prefer a more active way to relax, Glo might be the right fit. Whether you have 5 minutes between meetings or 90 minutes to really relax, Glo has an ever-expanding library of content to reflect changing needs. Through this website, you have the luxury to pick from a wide list of instructors who provide video and audio content to help you in your journey. You can choose different difficulties from beginners to teaching level, which makes it attractive for a wide range of users. This website is in lieu of having an in-house mentor, even if you don’t have direct communication with, which makes this such as rich experience.

Available: Website

Price: Free testing period, afterward $18


4. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is an app with great diversity, offering over 20,000 audiobooks, videos, readings, statistics, and much more. If you are looking for knowledge and guidance in all shapes and forms, you should give this vast library a try. Popularity is not always a hint for being helpful, but this app is home for 8 million meditators and has won an online award. This app is a good fit for diplomats who are actively engaged in social media. Using and following hashtags like #publicdiplomacy #diversity #meditating #calmnegotiations is an opportunity to follow and set trends.

Available: Android, iPhone

Price: Free seven-day trial - 5$ month, paid annually.

5. Ensō

Ensō is the perfect choice for diplomats who like minimalism. Ensō is an app that displays different forms and colors in the accompaniment of music. By watching, listening, and enjoying the waves, you will start to feel relaxed. You can tap and drag the screen to choose the length of a session. The app also offers different bells as reminder to start a new course and the variety is quite large. This app is great for those who are easily distracted and are looking to get a quick fix without the complication.

Available: iPhone

Price: Free

6. Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier is the only app that offers 1-to-1 sessions with experts. It's like a personal trainer but for the mind. If you’re a diplomat who prefers to see facts and science as conviction rather than trialling an app by experience, this app could be the one for you. The overall experience is shaped by a variety of meditations, daily training, and inspirational content by prestigious teachers that provides you with a high-level of support along the way.

Price: Free 7trial - $99 per year


7. Headspace

Headspace offers guided meditation for various lengths of time and personal situation. You can watch animated introduction videos to understand different meditation concepts, philosophies, and techniques. In the following process, a calm male voice is leads you through 3 or 5-minute sessions by teaching breathing and body control. Paid lessons teach you how to handle a variety of emotions, such as stress or anxiety, in workshops that span over 10 days. This is a great app for those who want to build on daily practice with a more guided structure.

Available: Website, iPhone, Android

Price: $12.99 per month