Putting SWOT Action Plan into Practice

In chapter one of the Diplomatic Planner, you will complete an assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Knowing how to use this information is pivotal to your personal training and development. Having foundational knowledge about your unique skills and attributes can help you allocate time and investment in the most efficient way. This will help you avoid wasting time on a course you don't need.

At this stage, you should have completed the SWOT analysis grid with a quick action plan on how to reduce threats and eliminate weaknesses. Below is a quick re-cap on what your action plan should look like and we will go through how to put your plan into action.



Every week in the Diplomatic Planner, you have the opportunity to build positive habits and review your progress on a daily basis. Your action plan is an opportunity for you to put into practice some of the new habits you list that specifically targets areas that are of most interest and concern for you.

Each week in your Diplomatic Planner, write down each of your SWOT actions in your Habit Tracker to remind yourself of your new tasks. As the Habit Tracker is a daily activity, you are more likely to be accountable to yourself and actually stick to your new actions.

For example, if we look at Plan #1 (Download podcasts in Arabic on topics that I can use for work...), you can remind yourself to listen to Arabic podcasts and keep track on how many days a week you have completed this.

Be mindful that the Habit Tracker can only hold up to five items so it isn’t possible for you to track all of your new goals. It is therefore critical that you pick at least three of the most important plans to you and build them into your daily habits. Once you have mastered 2-3 items, you can only on to newer things, which will help keep you motivated.

You can download the Weekly Action calendar here. Complete these every week for 12 months as part of your personal development, and we would love to hear how you get on.

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