What Matters Most to You?

As we try to figure out what we want to do for our career, we can quickly become blind sighted on areas that universities barely touch upon. Very rarely do we consider our long-term future, our family, our health or our well-being into career decisions because these are rarely debated upon within a classroom-based environment.  

Each day, we are given 86,400 seconds to live and do what we can. If we are lucky, this time is renewed on a daily basis but are we using this time to our fullest potential? If you left the world tomorrow, would you really want to know how much time was spent wasting on your smartphone instead of doing something more worthwhile? 

Chapter Two of the Diplomatic Planner puts many of our life and general well-being into the picture when discovering our life goals, career and long-term plans. This is to ensure that we consider all areas of our life rather than just the immediate impact we want to have.  

What you will learn is that an investment toward a new plan and a new beginning doesn’t take nearly as long as you think. The journey is about repetition, consistency and continuous output. But why is it that we spend so much time on doing things that doesn’t matter? Too many of us haven’t defined what matters most to us. The Diplomatic Planner helps to put important things in our lives into perspective.  

Through key exercises shown in Chapter Two “Fitting a Global Profession”, we are given an opportunity to take time, to be in deep thought, and visualise what we love and what means the most to us in this lifetime. Eventually, this will manifest itself in our professional and personal lives as we perceive opportunities. We shouldn’t convince ourselves to like something that isn’t worth our time. This includes training and growth opportunities. Sometimes, doing that extra course or taking that job simply isn’t worth it. 

While we all need jobs to survive, we may be better off taking the time to specify what we really want instead of languishing in a role that is emotionally and mentally draining. We have a choice, and the choice is enabled when we brainstorm a list of things that actually means something to us. Suddenly, you will find that our goals, passions and definition of what success or happiness looks like has real meaning that can be put into action. This is how you start to build a life around what matters to you rather than taking on something that you think will benefit you because others said so. 

Building a life that you want takes work. You need to design it, consciously plan for it and activate it. An inspired and bold life is one that is lived on your terms and infused with doing meaningful, joyful things that light a fire inside you. This is possible and the Diplomatic Planner will help you get started on designing a career that fits around your passions, skills and interests if you truly want to move into international relations.  

Add value to your life and the lives of others. It isn’t impossible. Everything is possible.