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[2.8] Trade as a splendid exchange

As you dive deeper into the issue, you will start to certain patterns emerging. For instance, when you consider why certain countries are helped more than others in terms of aid and support, look behind whether there is any trade interest for the aiding country. We recommend “A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World from Prehistory to Today” by William J. Bernstein.

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[2.7] A peace to end all peace

At Grassroot Diplomat, we have a general understanding that people are borderless in terms of their identity and sense of belonging. But even looking at today’s society, we are still struck by confined sense of identity in terms of how countries want to define us. Pick up “A Peace to End All Peace” by non-historian David Fromkin to learn about the shaping of our modern history and trade of international relations.

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