Make an impact using story telling techniques online and offline to make you more influential, more credible, more investable. The Diplomatic Leadership Training is a unique blend that combines diplomatic strategies, the techniques of non-verbal communication, and the art of storytelling to captivate an audience to support and work in your country. Your ability to come across as engaging, impactful or authoritative is determined by the perception of how people see you. These essential skills are rarely taught at work or education until now.


Who is the Diplomatic Leadership Training for?

The Diplomatic Leadership workshop is ideal for practitioners who are engaged with people from different cultures and nationalities, and have difficulties:

  • bringing in new prospects, investments and deals from abroad

  • working with challenging stakeholders from various nationalities

  • engaging in public speaking and have no personal brand

  • re-igniting their passion for their career and personal development

  • reaching their goals and aspirations

  • controlling feelings of being overwhelmed or unmotivated

  • applying practical tools that could improve their skills as a leader in their sector

What we offer

Please select the type of workshop you are interested in and arrange a meeting with us. We ensure that our workshops are tailoured to your audience and we travel all over the world to create a new generation of diplomats.

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1. Keynote Speech + 1-hr free workshop - 5 Strategies to Branding Yourself in International Relations and Diplomacy

Talyn is able to speak on a wide variety of topics related to self-development and public diplomacy issues. The following topics are a sample only.

  • Everyone is a Diplomat - an eye-opening exhibition that clarifies how everyone plays the role of a diplomat in the wider scope of international relations at home and abroad.

  • Personal Branding for Diplomats - self-development guideline for international relations practitioners that embraces emotional intelligence, cultural humility, self-awareness, and personal branding principles.

  • Self Development in Diplomacy - looking at the challenges of a diplomatic career and how to prepare oneself for a career fuelled by protocol, bureaucracy and ethically-minded decisions.

  • Practices of Modern Diplomacy - how modernised operations in diplomatic relations can break national stereotypes and misconceptions at local level

  • Digital Diplomacy in the Age of Information - fostering technology to improve negative perception through effective branding and public engagement

Following the speech, we can also provide your audience with a one-hour practical workshop, where the audience will provided with 5 key strategies to building a niche and personal branding in international relations and diplomacy.

2. Diplomatic Leadership Crash Course
(HALF DAY: 3-hours)

Diplomatic Leadership LIVE is a three-hour workshop that engages larger groups of up to 50 people on introducing the many lessons from the "Diplomatic Planner". Led by Talyn Rahman-Figueroa (CEO and author of the "Diplomatic Planner"). This is the perfect opportunity for a classroom-based workshop where we provide a live crash course on the 12-strategies that helps individuals to become diplomats for their chosen field.

The 12 strategies that we uncover include:

  1. Discovering hard and soft skills

  2. Finding your fit in the world

  3. Enhancing emotional intelligence

  4. Knowing yourself and the impact it has on your decision-making

  5. Cultural humility and understanding

  6. Dealing with moral conflicts and clashing interests

  7. Role as a public diplomat

  8. Networking like a boss

  9. Art of leadership

  10. Working with global governance

  11. How to brand yourself as a diplomat

  12. Personal strategy to becoming a diplomat

Other topics related to practical diplomacy can be covered upon arrangement.

3. Diplomatic Leadership LIGHT Workshop

Diplomatic Leadership Training Light (DLT Light) is a shortened 2-day workshop focused on practical tools, techniques and skills to help participants understand their natural fit in international relations. Led by Talyn Rahman-Figueroa (CEO and author of the “Diplomatic Planner”), this interactive workshop blends the tools of business diplomacy, non-verbal and digital communications strategies, and stakeholder management at a personal level.

You will learn to how to:

  • Appreciate various stakeholder interests

  • Be the best version of yourself

  • Communicate through storytelling

  • Connect to your audience

  • Brand yourself effectively

  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses

  • Increase the quality of your message

  • Project your personality

  • Craft digital messaging and influence

  • Learn effective forms of trade and investment

The workshop is suitable for a group of up to 30-people in a classroom-based environment. The workshops are highly interactive and will engage individuals to think critically about themselves, their relationship with others, and their position in the world.

4. Diplomatic Leadership Training INTENSIVE

The Diplomatic Leadership Training is a one-week intensive programme that brings together various tools of soft skills communication to help you maximise your influence and authority. The workshop is highly engaging with intense sessions about storytelling techniques, nonverbal communications, and managing stakeholder priorities in a classroom-based setting without the theory. Soft skills training is missing in higher education and diplomatic academies. This is your opportunity to learn how to convey your message to a mixed audience with varied agendas.

Over the course of 5-days, you will learn how to:

  • connect to your audience

  • brand yourself

  • be an empathetic leader

  • read body language

  • answer difficult questions

  • build different states in the audience

  • appreciate various stakeholder interests

  • safeguard integrity

  • harness public diplomacy activities

  • utilise soft power advantages

The programme is led by three trainers renowned in their field. By the end of the programme, participants will be required to present an elevator pitch that represents their organisation, business, mission, project or future ambition.

Each participant will be provided with a “Diplomat in Training” completion certificate as part of the closing ceremony.

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