Career Toolkit for Diplomacy and International Relations


Career Toolkit for Diplomacy and International Relations

Created by Grassroot Diplomat, the “Diplomatic Planner” is a 12-month self-development career planner designed for citizen diplomats to make an informed decision about options in the field of international relations.

Effective modern diplomacy is not reserved for seasoned professionals and should also enable citizens to exercise diplomacy while living abroad.

From the beginning to the advanced stages of your career, the “Diplomatic Planner” will offer you a practical template for evolving the most empathetic version of yourself in a complex and multi-faceted environment.

The toolkit is 100% practical with actionable plans and exercises that can be put into practice almost immediately. The Planner includes a monthly calendar, weekly scheduling and actions, monthly and quarterly evaluations, as well as space to mind map and explore your choices for a diplomatic career as part of a productive lifestyle.


12 themes


12 months


Diplomatic Planner: Ultimate Edition

Diplomatic Planner: Ultimate Edition
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Diplomatic Planner: Ultimate Edition
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Diplomatic Planner: DIGITAL

Diplomatic Planner: DIGITAL
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The “Diplomatic Planner” is a 12-month self-development career planner designed for citizen diplomats to make an informed decision about options in the field of international relations.

Why choose this Planner?
• Only career planner specialised in diplomacy and international relations
• Hard copy and robust
• 580 pages, full colour
• 12 highly specialised themes to complete per month
• 1-2 practical exercises to complete per week
• Your Career Roadmap to becoming a diplomat
• Undated Annual Overview
• Undated Monthly Calendar
• Undated Weekly Schedule and Actions
• Weekly planners (undated 52 weeks)
• Blank weekly mind maps
• Monthly and quarterly evaluations
• Further Reading List with training and exclusive podcasts

What themes are included?
The Diplomatic Planner focuses around 12 themes designed to make you an outstanding diplomat in your chosen niche. These include:

  1. SKILLS FOR A CHANGING WORLD: Understand your skills, weaknesses, and areas of further development to break into international relations

  2. FITTING A GLOBAL PROFESSION: Understand your fit in the world by identifying long-term goals to help you balance work-home priorities

  3. ENHANCING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Familiarise yourself with the utilisation of emotional intelligence when conducting international relations

  4. KNOW THYSELF: Cultivate a deep understanding of who you are and how to overcome the fear of failure in a competitive environment

  5. CULTURAL HUMILITY: Develop self-awareness around societal privilege and cultural barriers, and how to adapt to mandates

  6. MORAL GRAVITY: Preserve integrity in the face of adversity, helping you maintain control while remaining empathetic to others

  7. PUBLIC DIPLOMAT: Apply lessons of diplomacy to everyday life to create positive interactions and act responsibly abroad

  8. STICKY CONTACTS: Create positive engagement, online and offline, through networking, storytelling, and mutual influence that builds bonds over time

  9. ART OF LEADERSHIP: Develop resilience when dealing with failures, conflicting personalities, time constraints and external pressures

  10. GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: Manage bureaucracies, work around lobbyists, influence governments, and operate in regulated environments

  11. BRANDED DIPLOMAT: Craft an authentic personal brand that aligns to your values, cause and country without being self-promotional

  12. GRASSROOT DIPLOMAT: Staying committed to the cause of others, coping with high demands, dangerous situations and conflicting priorities

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