Ambassador Wonder Woman



Everyon needs a hero especially in a world where interests and cultures collide for good and evil, life and death. In a fascinating real life account, royal fictional superhero Princess Diana of Themyscira, aka, Wonder Woman was briefly appointed as Honorary Ambassador to the United Nations for an empowerment campaign to fight for gender equality. However, criticism about Wonder Woman’s attire, beauty and physical appearance led to this inspirational figurehead to be recalled, sending a powerful yet dismal message that even fictional role models attract harsh criticism as many women face today. This podcast, hosted by Jeannette Viens (Director of Public Relations), looks into the role that Wonder Woman plays as a global ambassador and the many positive attributes she shares with girls and women around the world.

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  • Wonder Woman stands for peace, justice and equality, and for over 75 years has been a motivating force for many

  • A detailed look at why Wonder Woman is a positive role model in the campaign for gender equality

  • Is Wonder Woman a role model for all or just a good role model for Caucasian women?

  • Does the fight for equal rights also needs to include the equal rights for all despite their colour?

  • Harsh reality of how even a fictional female role model can’t make it in global politics without her physical attire and beauty be a source of criticism

  • A look into the original reasons why Wonder Woman was created and a psychologist tale on how bondage and self-heroism is not a cry for help