Food Diplomacy is Served



How is it that a simple meal can be an act of diplomacy? Can food really be a catalyst for connection and change at an international level? Are acts of culinary diplomacy at the grassroot level truly that important? In this podcast, Jeannette Viens discusses culinary diplomacy and how the stomach is one of the easiest paths to people’s hearts and minds. Sharing examples from across the globe, this episode presents models that can be utilised by individuals, governments, and civil society alike. This podcast showcases the significance of bringing people to the table and how diplomacy can be delicious.

Grassroot Diplomat Talks is the monthly podcast produced by Grassroot Diplomat, discussing the practices of diplomacy and international relations in today's modern world. Further information can be found on:


  • Food is not only a tasty treat, but can represent culture, traditions, a way of life, and is something to take pride in.
  • Increasing the presence of and awareness of your culture through culinary diplomacy can also increase opportunities for cultural exchange.
  • Culinary diplomacy can be used as a tool for showcasing the diversity of multicultural societies in an accepting way.
  • Culinary diplomacy can also be used to take a stand, promote education and tolerance, and fight hateful stereotypes.
  • We are all humans who need to be willing to come together to listen and learn from one another.