Everyday Sexism



Sexism is deeply entrenched in society. We may not be aware that we are creating gender differentiation through our actions and behaviour but when everyone believes and acts a certain way, we grow to expect these attitudes and behaviour as the norm, whether it is right or wrong.

In this podcast, Talyn Rahman-Figueroa (CEO) provides recommendations on how to train ourselves on dealing with this highly sensitive issue with confidence and humility, without harming relations or causing further strain.

Grassroot Diplomat Talks is the monthly podcast produced by Grassroot Diplomat, discussing the practices of diplomacy and international relations in today's modern world. Further information can be found on: www.grassrootdiplomat.org


  • Learn what a man said about being lucky not to be born a woman

  • How girls are victimised as a normal part of society

  • The importance of having women in positions of political power

  • Learn about double standards and double discrimination

  • How the “Everyday Sexism” project is a great tool for diplomats to enhance their emotional intelligence