Passport Privilege and the Right to National Identity



It can be easy to underestimate just how powerful our passport is. Your passport is your proof of citizenship. This means gaining access to security, employment, health and education, which goes beyond the right to travel for business or pleasure. However, the right to such freedoms comes at a price and the cost of such freedom depends on national laws and the strength of diplomatic relations and security between countries. When your passport is tied to your nationality and bloodline, such right becomes watered down and the term ‘privilege’ becomes much more relevant.

This podcast discusses the concept of passport privilege and the rights defined by our passports and ties of national identity. This podcast is hosted by Talyn Rahman-Figueroa (CEO, Grassroot Diplomat).

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  • Passports provide basic rights such as access to employment, education, health care and security, yet these rights are not offered to everyone
  • Why contacting a government for a passport can be life threatening
  • Learn what happens when your country no longer exists and how you can try to survive
  • Learn how proving that you are a stateless citizen is a bureaucratic nightmare
  • Look into measures that are taken to ensure refugees are protected to safely cross borders without official identity documentation
  • Find out which country has the most powerful passport in the world