Preparing Diplomats for Brexit



As the world watches Brexit unfold in Europe, marginalised members of our communities are being demonised for their religion, race and nationality. There is so much that diplomats can do to mitigate hate crimes and far-right nationalism and Grassroot Diplomat shows them how. The authors of the “Brexit Handbook” talk about how diplomats are in a powerful position of change that align well with their country mission and makes them useful advocates for the people’s interest during Brexit.

This podcast, jointly hosted by Brexit authors Talyn Rahman-Figueroa (CEO) and Jeannette Viens (Director of Public Relations), discuss ways that diplomats can use Brexit to enhance their national identity and public communications in a divisive and dangerous environment.

Grassroot Diplomat Talks is the monthly podcast produced by Grassroot Diplomat, discussing the practices of diplomacy and international relations in today's modern world. Further information can be found on:


  • Discussing Brexit from a practical lens as diplomatic practitioners

  • A look into how diplomats can enhance their outreach during Brexit

  • Diplomats are waiting for HQ to tell them what to do but this is a waste of opportunity

  • Diplomats are unprepared on how to handle hate crimes against their own communities and nationals but it doesn’t have to be this way

  • Diplomats are encouraged to use Brexit to push for solidarity by enhancing their national image and showcase goodwill towards the European Union and other multinational agencies for peace