What is Panda Diplomacy?



The world experiences ‘pandamania’ each time a new panda is born or brought into their country. Pandas are much-loved by their fans and have been treasured by some of the oldest zoos in the world to conserve them from further endangerment. However, pandas are one of the hardest working diplomats in the world who bring in great sources of income and bilateral power for its home country.

This podcast discusses the practice of panda diplomacy and its current impact on diplomatic relations by the home and host nation. This podcast is co-hosted by Jeannette Viens (Director of Public Relations) and Talyn Rahman-Figueroa (Chief Executive).

Grassroot Diplomat Talks is the monthly podcast produced by Grassroot Diplomat, discussing the practices of diplomacy and international relations in today's modern world. Further information can be found on: www.grassrootdiplomat.org


  • The world goes crazy for pandas but they come at a large cost to the host nation
  • Learn how much each pandas cost and what a cub tax is
  • Pandas not only bring in big bucks for its home country but also has major pull in diplomatic relations and can be pulled at in the same ways diplomats get pulled out from foreign missions
  • Learn what nationality the panda is when born abroad
  • A look into what happened when the Dalai Lama visited
  • See how skilful diplomats need to be to negotiate having pandas in their home country