Where are you REALLY from? Exclusive DNA reveal



Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how you sound or where you are born. Curiosity about one’s race and ethnicity breaks all sorts of diplomatic niceties and sometimes offends. The question of “Where are you REALLY from?” is a question that gets asked often particularly to non-Caucasian members of multicultural societies. In this podcast, Sandra Francius and Talyn Rahman-Figueroa share the results of their ethnic DNA test in this exclusive reveal that will finally answer the question of where they are really from.

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  • People will always be curious about the origins of your ethnicity no matter what you tell them
  • The question “Where are you REALLY from” can be offensive but we reveal how to spin this positively
  • Knowledge about one’s ethnicity reveals a generational footprint of where your ancestors once were
  • Learning about one’s ethnic history opens up opportunities and breaks stereotypes in an unspoken language
  • Everyone should take a DNA test and Grassroot Diplomat will make it happen