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Grassroot Diplomat tackles various angles to improve an already established system. We work with consulates and diplomatic missions of all sizes to help them rebuild their presence in a public facing environment. This means re-establishing embassies as effective change-makers for the growth of their country. As an independent diplomatic consultancy, we have no allegiance to any particular government in order to remain apolitical and work with all government missions, anywhere in the world .

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Digital Diplomacy Consultation

Create positive and strong online representation for your country by improving your digital communication.

Brexit Handbook

Strategic advise on how embassies can lead in a more public facing role, providing a sense of calm and clarity during Brexit.

Diplomatic Leadership Training

Maximise the embassy’s influence and authority in the public eye by enhancing soft skills and non-verbal communications of your mission.

Public Diplomacy Consultation

Enhance community and diaspora engagements through special events management, and delegation roundtables.

Initiative Award

Get your diplomats and embassy recognised as an outstanding leader who is a positive role model for society at government level.

Women in Diplomacy

Pick up strategies that explore practical solutions to breaking centuries of patriarchal tradition for women in diplomacy.

Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy

Sign your embassy up to receive productive resources related to self-development in international relations and diplomatic practices.