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In our modern society, we believe that everyone plays the role of a diplomat in some shape or form. That is why we have created various services to empower citizen diplomats to involve themselves in international relations with confidence. As part of our innovation, we have created a range of unique diplomatic toolkits to train diplomats to operate fluidly in a multicultural, modern society alongside governments, so that everyone becomes responsible for their country, cause or mission.

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Personal Branding for Diplomats

Become an exemplary ambassador by using yourself as an example for what your country, charity or community truly offers to the world.

Diplomatic Career Coaching

Receive highly personalised coaching to help you build a progressive, yet meaningful career in diplomacy and international relations

Diplomatic Planner

Pick up this self-development planner designed to help you make an informed decision about your long-term career in international relations.

Initiative Award

Get recognised as an outstanding diplomat who is a positive role model for society at government level.

Women in Diplomacy

Pick up practical strategies to help break centuries of patriarchal tradition against women in diplomacy.

Brexit Handbook

Strategic advise on how diplomats can position themselves as leaders in the public during Brexit.

Diplomatic Leadership Training

Maximise your influence and authority in the public eye by enhancing your soft skills and non-verbal communications.

Grassroot Diplomat Talks Podcast

Subscribe to our free monthly podcast, discussing innovate practices of diplomacy for a modern world.

Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy

Become an independent learner by gaining access to practical podcasts and resources to help you become a modern diplomat.