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With our international experience, network of contacts and understanding of international relations and diplomacy, we can work with you to help you enter new markets, connect with the right partners, meet with officials, and offer advise on best practices working with government clients.

As part of our values, we are unable to take on clients who fall outside the remit of our vision and programmes, and all large projects are funnelled through a strict due diligence process. We believe that sticking to a precise list of clientele makes the work we do special and provides reassurance that we are working to the highest standard of integrity.

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Business Diplomacy Consultation

Use our knowledge and expertise to learn how to tailour your business for a foreign government and diplomatic audience.

Diplomatic Leadership Training

Maximise your influence and authority in the government sector by enhancing your soft skills communications designed for diplomacy.

Initiative Award

Become a sponsor and gain access to the best diplomats and politicians in a closed and intimate environment.

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