Actor Zero Kazama joins Advisory Council

Actor Zero Kazama

Actor Zero Kazama

We are pleased to announce Zero Kazama as part of the latest addition to the Grassroot Diplomat Advisory Council. Zero is a Hawaii-raised Japanese-American actor, producer and stuntman most recognised for his role as the host of MTV’s hit show Silent Library and Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior. He has performed stunts on prominent films including Olympus Has Fallen, The Hangover Part III, After Earth and Star Trek: Into Darkness, and has made over 50 short films since 2010.

In addition to acting, Zero is trained in various martial arts, and is a keen observer of human psychology and spiritual behaviour respected widely among his international fan base. Along with Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Zero will be providing the Board of Directors with knowledge and insight into the entertainment industry, in addition to sharing unique perspectives on psycho-dynamics and human behaviour which are vital tools of diplomacy within a professional and personal setting. 

Zero will be contributing thought and leadership articles in the upcoming Grassroot Diplomat Quarterly Magazine, a glossy self-development magazine on the lifestyle, communication and practices of diplomacy in the modern world. 

View his full filmography here.