Hello! I'm Alison Johnson.

Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson

I am a motivational speaker and trainer, having worked in the education sector for over 20 years. I have spent many years involved with vulnerable children and young people, engaging with their families, and have sat on many governing bodies, fostering panels and advisory committees for non-profit organisations. The pressing question that always sits at the back of my mind is how certain sectors of society are viewed by governments. How does this thinking impact on similar groups in different countries?

The ethos and the work of Grassroot Diplomat instantly struck a chord with me. The mission to build trust and strengthen relationships between governments and civil society felt like a proverbial lightbulb that had gone off in my head. I knew that I wanted to be involved in the consultancy and find out more about their work.

Attending the Grassroot Diplomat Annual Award in March 2016 helped me understand the vision and impact of their work. It was truly inspiring to hear the work of those nominated, who were working tirelessly to effect positive change for communities. In the current socio-economic climate and the UK experiencing massive political change, it is refreshing to see a consultancy such as Grassroot Diplomat stay true to its vision and remain focused. We need conversations to be established and made between civil society and governments, and for diplomats to continually be challenged to be effective in modern society.

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