Bashaer Othman: The Worlds Youngest Minister

The fear factor among young Palestinians was broken and we became role models for others our age
— Bashaer Othman
Bashaer Othman

Bashaer Othman

As part of a Youth Empowerment Programme, Bashaer Othman became the first female teenager to take over as Mayor of Allar, a small town of 9,000 people, located in the West Bank of Palestine. 

Now at the age of 16, Bashaer Othman has been appointed the Minister of Local Administration in Palestine, proving that young people in the Middle East are more than capable of leading when given the opportunity. During her term, Bashaer inaugurated a new fire department and a public park with the assistance of 11 other dedicated teenagers.

There are 18 local youth councils in the West Bank that work with municipalities to empower young people to take part in the decision-making process. Bashaer started off in Allar’s youth council by serving as its first female president before becoming mayor at age 14.

Bashaer plans to pursue a political career in the near future but hopes that her role as mayor will encourage other women to become more actively involved in public life within Palestine.

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