How to Become a Diplomat on YouTube

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, reveals the launch of an exciting new project.

Our exciting new project is being released tomorrow on YouTube. All year, we have been working hard to make diplomacy accessible to everyone and we have managed to crack it wide open through this initiative.

Starting tomorrow, we will be releasing fun, engaging videos on how YOU can become a diplomat directly from your office, living room, study etc.

Every Friday on this channel we will be uploading a new video. You will find helpful tips, insider intel, and practical skills you can use right now to help you become a diplomat for your cause, mission or country. We promise that our videos will NEVER be boring, stuffy or traditional. In fact, we will break every misconception and stereotype about diplomacy and show you how anyone can become a diplomat. We can’t wait to see you become a #bossdiplomat every Friday.

Last Wednesday, we hosted our first livestream video to unveil our new channel. Thank you for those who joined us. Unfortunately, we had limited time for Q&As but please let us know if you think it will be helpful for us to schedule monthly livestreams so that you can put your questions to our CEO, Talyn Rahman-Figueroa.

If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe, like and share our channel. Last week’s livestream is already up for viewing and our first official video will be released 7am London time.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  


Serving your with love and hope,

Team Grassroot Diplomat