Hello! I'm Carla Nzila.

Carla Nzila

Carla Nzila

I joined Grassroot Diplomat at the end of 2015 after previously assisting at the Grassroot Diplomat awards ceremony in London. 

When it comes to stirring things up and improving them, I believe that staying focused and driven is the only way to achieve results. I have always been passionate about international relations and being a member of Grassroot Diplomat is a good way to be aware of our society’s issues and then improve them. 

As a member of Grassroot Diplomat, I have learnt to be bold. Thinking out of the box has become a pre-requisite to succeed. The challenges that we face nowadays can only be solved by implementing new paradigms.

Through its slogan, “I am a Grassroot Diplomat”, Grassroot Diplomat embodies values that reflect my thinking. Through this organisation, it allows us to give back the opportunity to the people to take back its place in our democracy and speak up. 

Grassroot Diplomat bridges the gap between our leaders and civil society. Too often, we hear people saying that they don’t believe in politics anymore. By becoming a member of Grassroot Diplomat one is able to be closer to the people who govern us and make them aware of our issues. As for governments, it is a way for them to strengthen their bond with their people.