Colombian Ambassador HE Mauricio Rodriguez Munera Award Nomination for Drug Tackling Policy


HE Mauricio Rodriguez Munera

HE Mauricio Rodriguez Munera

Ambassador Mauricio Rodríguez Múnera of the Embassy of Colombia has been nominated for the inaugural Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award. The award looks to recognise outstanding diplomats and politicians in the UK for their dedication, commitment and selfless efforts in representing civilian matters at the highest level.

Nominated under the Policy Driver category, Ambassador Múnera has proven to be a vocal participant on tackling the war on drugs by evaluating new alternatives to combat its production and consumption. Although Colombia has made great progress in reducing drug-related violence, the Ambassador believes his country has a moral authority to lead the way.

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, Director of Grassroot Diplomat said, “Grassroot diplomacy empowers the voiceless, defines a path for the hopeless, and restores faith to influencers. The Initiative Award seeks to build trust again between the ‘us and them’ and bring people of all statuses together.”

The Ambassador is committed to engaging the grassroots in its combined efforts to beating the drug war, and for this, his efforts are being recognised here.

Over 50 high-level government officials have been nominated in 3 categories but there can only be six winners. Join Ambassador Múnera and other government nominees at the Vincent Rooms, Westminster with evening performance led by Euro-Vision Song Contest artist, Imaani.