Diplomatic Career Coaching: One Hour to Change your Future

I studied hard for my A levels. I got good grades and entered a competitive course at a top university. I continued to work hard on my course, balancing academia with work experience and other activities, and graduated with a 2.1.

Like many other graduates, I studied International Politics so that someday I could be in a position where I could change the world. Cheesy I know, but with the issue of climate change, famine, disease, growing inequality and human rights abuses across the world surely “they” (whoever ‘they’ are) need people like me who are passionate about enacting social change.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Eager and ambitious, I was determined to hit the ground running, yet almost a year after completing university and currently in my seventh internship, I have yet to find a paid job. You may think, seven internships, impressive! But for how much longer am I going to be doing menial office tasks and making tea?

How Does Grassroot Diplomat Help?

My proud family unhelpfully tell me ‘you’ll be fine’, but jobs sites offer no opportunities that apply to me, and I could never get enough time with career advisers at university to gain advice with any utility. I need someone who’s been in my situation, understands the current gloomy job climate, and can give me personalised advice on what I need to do to get around it. I need to know what my strengths and weaknesses are, but I need to understand what employers are looking for too.

Enter Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, the CEO of innovative diplomatic consultancy, Grassroot Diplomat. Talyn is friendly and beyond her years in terms of the diverse experiences and insights she has gained within the diplomatic field and providing career coaching sessions. Targeted at students, graduates and budding young professionals, the coaching sessions will provide personalised advice on how to get a foot in the door in a career in politics, international relations and diplomacy.

Now an employer herself, she receives the same kind of resumes from students wanting to get into the same field. Believe it or not the United Nations is struggling to fill internships not because applications are low, but rather because applicants all have similar skills, education and experiences. This is killing their chances. With the insights she has gained from her own internships and diplomatic training, as well as specialised advice from contacts in both government and multilateral organisations, Grassroot Diplomat can help steer your career aspiration in the right direction.

Grassroot Diplomat Coaching

The coaching service is designed to provide an intimate one-to-one session with students of any university to help them realise their potential, provide critique of their resumes and covering letters, and to share secrets passed on by heads of government offices about internships and the current job market. This is a rare opportunity to gain quality time with someone who knows what the job market is really like, at a level of communication and detail you won’t find from your university careers adviser.

This one hour session is available to students and graduates for a limited period and can be arranged face-to-face or via webcam. As a social enterprise, all profits go back into developing diplomatic leadership programmes. 

Sessions are available here: www.grassrootdiplomat.org/diplomatic-training#foreign-affairs-coaching