Diplomatic Planner is Alive and Kicking!

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, celebrates the launch the much awaited “Diplomatic Planner”. Check out her musings in her latest Founder's Blog.

Photo Credit: Grassroot Diplomat

Photo Credit: Grassroot Diplomat

I can’t contain my excitement anymore. A project I’ve been working on for the last two years just got launched and I couldn’t be more proud. This isn’t just a book, guys. This is a planner I wish I had when I was launching my career in international relations.

The “Diplomatic Planner” is 12-month career development toolkit for diplomacy and international relations. It is your companion guide to crafting a brand as a Diplomat and how to steer the complex ship of bureaucracy and conflicts of interest. There are 12 themes within this planner for you to tackle, one theme per month with 1-2 practical exercises to complete per week. It’s about developing yourself around your career without compromising your ethics, values and long-term goals.

The Planner will be launched officially on 26th November 2018 but you can enjoy a 25% off pre-order discount right now by using the code: BOSSDIPLOMAT. Please support this amazing project by grabbing your copy on: http://www.grassrootdiplomat.org/diplomatic-planner.

We also have a special Instagram page for this so that you can check the intricate details of the Planner. Please follow @diplomaticplanner

The reason this is a big deal for me because I know something like this is needed in international relations. The Diplomatic Planner focuses around 12 themes designed to make you an outstanding diplomat in your chosen niche. These include:

  • SKILLS FOR A CHANGING WORLD: Understand your skills, weaknesses, and areas of further development to break into international relations

  • FITTING A GLOBAL PROFESSION: Understand your fit in the world by identifying long-term goals to help you balance work-home priorities

  • ENHANCING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Familiarise yourself with the utilisation of emotional intelligence when conducting international relations

  • KNOW THYSELF: Cultivate a deep understanding of who you are and how to overcome the fear of failure in a competitive environment

  • CULTURAL HUMILITY: Develop self-awareness around societal privilege and cultural barriers, and how to adapt to mandates

  • MORAL GRAVITY: Preserve integrity in the face of adversity, helping you maintain control while remaining empathetic to others

  • PUBLIC DIPLOMAT: Apply lessons of diplomacy to everyday life to create positive interactions and act responsibly abroad

  • STICKY CONTACTS: Create positive engagement, online and offline, through networking, storytelling, and mutual influence that builds bonds over time

  • ART OF LEADERSHIP: Develop resilience when dealing with failures, conflicting personalities, time constraints and external pressures

  • GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: Manage bureaucracies, work around lobbyists, influence governments, and operate in regulated environments

  • BRANDED DIPLOMAT: Craft an authentic personal brand that aligns to your values, cause and country without being self-promotional

  • GRASSROOT DIPLOMAT: Staying committed to the cause of others, coping with high demands, dangerous situations and conflicting priorities

Why choose this Planner?

  • Only career planner specialised in diplomacy and international relations

  • Hard copy and robust

  • 580 pages, full colour

  • 12 highly specialised themes to complete per month

  • 1-2 practical exercises to complete per week

  • Your Career Roadmap to becoming a diplomat

  • Undated Annual Overview

  • Undated Monthly Calendar

  • Undated Weekly Schedule and Actions

  • Weekly planners (undated 52 weeks)

  • Blank weekly mind maps

  • Monthly and quarterly evaluations

  • Further Reading List with training and exclusive podcasts

I can’t wait to hear your feedback. Don’t forget, we are providing a 25% off pre-order discount, so this is a great time to grab a copy for Christmas and New Year.

If you wish to hold a book launch at your organisation, embassy or university, please get in touch with us to arrange for January: sandra@grassrootdiplomat.org

I can’t wait to speak to you.


Eagerly waiting,

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa
CEO, Grassroot Diplomat